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  • Seoul Tourism’s Free “Discover Seoul Pass” Surpasses Sales of 20,000 Tickets

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    Discover Seoul Pass, a travel pass for foreign tourists first introduced on July 29, 2016, has surpassed 20,000 tickets in cumulative sales.

    Discover Seoul Pass is a travel-exclusive card that grants free entry into 21 popular Seoul hot spots, as well as discounts on 13 other venues, including performances, duty-free shops, tourist facilities and more.

    Tourists can also use the card’s T-money function for transportation needs, which is convenient for foreign travelers and is being highlighted for its cost-effective advantages.

    On Nov. 1, 2017, a special PyeongChang version of the Discover Seoul Pass was released, leading to a sales increase of 2,700 additional units.

    The special PyeongChang version of the Discover Seoul Pass has all of the previous benefits, with 61 new venues being added as discounted service affiliates as well, including High 1 Resort, Phoenix PyeongChang, YongPyeong Resort, Gangneung Coffee Museum, Daegwallyeong Yangtte Farm, and other major places in Gangwon-do.

    As the number of users of the Discover Seoul Pass has increased, it is now being viewed as a revitalizing force in domestic tourism. The most visited places recorded using the Discover Seoul Pass were N Seoul Tower, Grevin Seoul Museum, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Alive Museum, the Seoul City Tour Bus (DDP), Trick Eye Museum, MBC World, Teseum, Hanboknam (Hanbok rentals), and Changdeokgung Palace.

    As if reflecting the expectations of the tourist industry, interest from the business sector in participating in the Discover Seoul Pass has been on the rise. Accordingly, diversified services and benefits are expected to be added to the Pass in 2018, including skin care services, medical tourism services (such as health screenings), duty-free shops, food and drink services, other shopping, and Airport Railway express trains (Incheon→Seoul). As a newly added benefit, foreigners with the Discover Seoul Pass are granted free entry to Seoul Plaza Skating Rink, which opened on Dec. 22, 2017 and will remain open for 66 days, until Feb. 25, 2018.

    The convenient Mobile Pass, which people can purchase and use anywhere and at any time, will also be incorporated. It can be bought via smart phone and allows free entry to tourist spots. Citizens can check the remaining time available and also check travel information at any time, which is expected to greatly help tourists with their travel planning.

    In the first half of the year, with cooperation from SM Entertainment, new cards that feature special memorabilia of famous Hallyu singers, such as TVXQ and EXO, will debut, with K-Pop star images saved within. 72-hour cards will be released along with the currently available 24- and 48-hour cards.

    The Discover Seoul Pass can be purchased at Incheon International Airport, travel information centers located in major tourist spots in Seoul, hotels, CU convenience stores, KEB Hana Bank branches, and elsewhere, and can also be bought through online travel agencies such as OTA.

    Seoul Tourism’s Free “Discover Seoul Pass” Surpasses Sales of 20,000 Tickets
    Discover Seoul Pass Discover Seoul Pass
    Basic Discover Seoul Pass: 24- & 48-hour cards
    Discover Seoul Pass Discover Seoul Pass
    24-hour card (39,900 won) 48-hour card (55,000 won)