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  • Seoul Tourism Organization Unveils Seoul Tour Promo Videos Featuring Global Superstars, BTS

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    • Launches global interactive campaigns of “Live Seoul like I do, Create & Share”
    • 7 themed tour videos, starring BTS, spread the charms of Seoul
    • “Visit Seoul,” the official YouTube channel of Seoul Tourism Organization, makes its debut on September 13th

    □ The Seoul Tourism Organization (CEO Rhee Jae-sung) plans to promote the charm and tourist contents of Seoul, along with the help of promotional videos with global superstars, BTS, who has created a wide range of economic and cultural sensation throughout the world. The Seoul tourism promotional video, featuring BTS (7 videos starring each member of BTS, and 1 video starring all of them), will be brought to light worldwide through the official YouTube channel, “Visit Seoul,” Facebook, and Instagram starting September 13.

    ○ BTS has been active as Seoul’s Honorary Tourism Ambassadors for three years. Starting with the 2017 “BTS’ Life in Seoul” commercial and the music video of “With Seoul,” a series of videos with BTS, “My Seoul Playlist,” was released in 2018.

    □ The slogan of the promotional videos continues to convey the message of the previous campaign, “Live Seoul Like I Do.” While the earlier campaigns carried the message inviting viewers to embrace life in Seoul as a Seoulite would, this year’s campaign takes a step further enabling foreign tourists who have first-hand experiences enjoying Seoul to feature as narrators, encouraging people to Live Seoul like I do, Create & Share.

    ○ The “Create & Share” campaign does not only design trips in a creative and distinctive manner that perfectly fits each and everyone’s lifestyle, but it also reflects the global trend of instant transformation of such experience into content to be shared online, aiming to promote the experience and widely spread the unique charms of Seoul.

    □ The Seoul tourism promotional videos have been created based on the detailed needs of the target group of potential tourists who show interest in trips to Seoul and Seoul-related content, through the analysis of preferences and interests of tourists visiting Seoul. These videos consist of seven themes, pertaining to ▴Scenic Nature, ▴Old But New, ▴ Recharge,▴ Getaway, ▴Local Life, ▴Exciting Moments, and▴City Break.

    ○ Scenic Nature: ‘Jung Kook’ and foreign visitors introduce Seoul’s attractions with splendid scenery, including Namsan Tower, Deoksugung Palace, and the Hangang River for those who enjoy taking photographs.

    ○ Old But New: ‘RM’ shows foreign visitors and travel enthusiasts who enjoy the unique and traditional cultural experiences in Seoul, such as traditional hanbok, calligraphy, and pansori.

    ○ Recharge: ‘SUGA’ and foreign visitors share their knowledge on ways to recharge at Seoullo 7017, botanical gardens, jjimjilbang (Korean dry sauna), vacation at hotels, and Hangang tubesters for those who enjoy calm relaxation.

    ○ Getaway: ‘V’ and foreign visitors recommend activities that allow viewers to escape from their daily lives, through K-pop recording rooms, water sports on the Hangang River, VR-themed parks, and karaoke rooms.

    ○ Local Life: ‘Jimin’ and foreign visitors present the shopping experience in Namdaemun, unique bookstores, oriental medical clinics, instant noodles enjoyed at a comic book store, and a school uniform experience for those seeking an exotic experience in Seoul.

    ○ Exciting Moments: ‘j-hope’ portrays the energetic side of Seoul, unfolding the Waterbomb Festival, the Color Run, watching a baseball game, and riding a roller coaster, for those who love excitement.

    ○ City Break: ‘Jin’ and foreign visitors recommend activities in Seoul that will captivate food enthusiasts, ranging from snacks offered at Tongin Market and mukbang at a card bar to Korean food restaurants.

    □ The initial release will be made through the official YouTube channel of Seoul Metropolitan Government (https://www.youtube.com/user/visitseoul). The seven individual and one integrated videos will be unveiled at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, KST.

    □After the video release, advertisements will be broadcast on major platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, in main target countries and regions, including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, as well as China and the Americas. They will also be aired on tvN’s Asian channels, which are available to 9.33 million households in nine Southeast Asian countries.

    □ Meanwhile, the Seoul Tourism Organization will launch a unique experience-sharing event of <#createandshareseoul> for both Koreans and foreigners, through its official Facebook page, Instagram, WeChat, and visitseoul.net (http://www.visitseoul.net) from September 13 to 27. This is a spreading event that encourages the easy participation through hashtags and turns the participants into Seoul promotional ambassadors.

    □ Hong Jae-sun, Director of the Seoul Tourism Organization, said that the campaign displays a series of unique features that are “easily relatable as the group of global artists, BTS, delivers a message inviting viewers to Seoul in the promotional videos, and the attractions of Seoul are presented before the world from the perspectives of foreigners who currently reside in or have previously experienced Seoul,” and that he “looks forward to ‘Create & Share’ (Create special experiences and share them with others) establishing itself as a tourism trend for people throughout the world, especially the visitors to Seoul, who experience and share their own ‘unique holiday’, going beyond independent adventures and preference-matching travel experiences.

    Seoul Tourism Global Campaign Poster

    Seoul tourism global campaign poster with invitations sent by BTS
    Seoul tourism global campaign poster with invitations sent by BTS