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  • Seoul TOPIS Portal to Open by End of 2021 for Public-Private Big Data

  • Transport News SMG 1930

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it will proceed with its “Seoul TOPIS Portal” project to link and integrate transport-related data scattered in both the public and private sectors so as to provide one-stop services and real-time utilization.

    The Seoul TOPIS Portal will serve as a big data platform for integrated management of transport-related data from the public and private sectors as well as for disclosing, sharing and utilizing transport-related data in real time. The main scope of the project comprises building a big data platform, providing one-stop services as a big data portal for Seoul’s transport-related data, offering support services for deciding on transport-related policies, and establishing a database for traffic impact assessment (TIA), among others.

    The Seoul TOPIS Portal will be a comprehensive open data platform that provides not only one-stop web services for big data on Seoul’s transport, but also support services for deciding on Seoul’s transport-related policies by converging public and private data to be utilized as big data for analysis as well as a database for sharing TIA reports and survey data.

    The SMG established its information strategy plan (ISP) in 2019, and will proceed with the project in 2020 after selecting a service provider through preparation processes, including discovering new services. The SMG plans to launch the Seoul TOPIS Portal in November 2021 after a pilot operation in July.