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  • Seoul to unveil 5G conversion based connected car services to the world

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    • Starting in December, the world’s first 5G conversion based connected car services that drastically reduce traffic accidents and is essential for autonomous driving will be launched
    • 5G+WAVE communication connects vehicle to vehicle (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), pedestrian (V2P) and everything (V2X)
    • A total of 24 traffic safety services, including traffic light colors, remaining hours, jaywalking, and road sinking, are launched.
    • A total of 34 services will be completed by February next year to guide driving habits and road risks using big data.
    • Traffic safety-centered connected car service is expected to reduce traffic accidents by more than 30%
    • The city government will lead the market of 5G conversion based connected car services with global companies like Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 1, 2020 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will start the 5G conversion based connected car services which will drastically reduce traffic accidents and connect everything like vehicles to vehicle, infrastructure, pedestrian, and everything as part of the Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) demonstration project, which is being promoted with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

    The city announced the launch of the “C-ITS-based 5G connected car services,” which is the world’s first and applied to large-scale vehicles, for a total of 1,700 vehicles, including 1,600 buses and 100 taxis, and will first implement the service sequentially from 1,000 buses within this year.

    Although there have previously been demonstrations of connected services using wireless access in vehicular environments (“WAVE”) that makes use of Wi-Fi technology, Seoul is the first city that actualize a connected service that merges WAVE and the 5G mobile network, which South Korea became the first country in the world to launch in 2019.

    24 traffic safety services that inform traffic signals, traffic light countdowns, jaywalking, , and more will start

    Through this 5G + WAVE convergence network, the city realized the front traffic signal notification and violation warning service, which guide the remaining time, such as the color of the traffic lights at the front intersection and how many seconds of green lights are left.

    In particular, to prevent public transportation accidents such as buses, the goal of the C-ITS demonstration project, the world’s first public transportation (bus)-specific traffic safety service that can raise traffic safety in the section of the central bus-only lane is launched by utilizing connected technology.

    Public transportation-specific services are designed to ensure a safer operation of buses at stations with a higher risk of accidents by providing bus drivers with pedestrian warnings as they approach median lane bus stops, informing them about congested stops and a potential cause for collisions.

    Showcase to highlight the technology that connects the vehicle to pedestrian (V2P) through 5G network, beyond V2V or V2I

    The 5G conversion connected technology will be a vehicle to everything (V2X) technology that helps prevent pedestrian accidents by exchanging information on risk factors between vehicle to pedestrian (V2P) through 5G networks, which exceeds current limitations in the vehicle to vehicle (V2V) or vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology.

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the 5G-based V2X connected technology breaks through previous limitations, allowing drivers to receive warnings of anyone with a smartphone crossing the road, emerging as a game-changer that will drastically reduce pedestrian accidents.

    The city also plans to expand the technology to bicycles and personal mobility (PM) devices, ushering in an age of hyper-connectivity that allows all types of ground transportation to exchange information on their locations and surrounding risk factors.

    Spearheading innovations as a global leader in connected technology and commercialization for autonomous vehicles

    The world’s first 5G-based car connected service is not the Seoul Metropolitan Government alone, but it is an achievement that has been achieved with leading Korean companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom. The city plans to support global companies in Korea that helped develop and commercialize related technologies, in their efforts to become vanguards in the global market.

    “Seoul will transform from a city to today with the world’s finest public transportation system into a city of tomorrow that introduces a contactless mobility platform innovation that serves as a standard for the global market, by becoming the first to commercialize 5G conversion connected vehicle technology, autonomous driving, unmanned drone taxis, and personal mobility, thereby providing a vision for the future of transportation in Seoul,” said Hwang Bo-yeon, Deputy Mayor for City Transport at the Seoul Metropolitan Government.