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  • Seoul to support 3.22 million masks to delivery service and security workers with increased workload due to enhanced social distancing

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  • Seoul to support 3.22 million masks to delivery service and security workers with increased workload due to enhanced social distancing

  • Press Releases SMG 226
    • 10 to 50 masks per person are provided to workers working on platforms, security, call centers, etc.
    • Masks will be distributed in labor unions, employers’ organizations, and workers’ shelters.
    • To preserve the income of sewing workers, 12,000 sheets were made of cotton masks and guaranteed a wage of 1,000 won per sheet.
    • Support the purchase cost of infection prevention items to 364 cleaning workers’ rest facilities and call centers.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 25, 2020 – Seoul Metropolitan Government supports 3.22 million masks to delivery and call center workers who increased workload due to resurgence of COVID-19 and chauffeurs, housekeepers, security workers who keep working in face-to-face ways.

    The city’s government will also provide the purchase cost of air purifiers and partitions for cleaning workers’ rest facilities and call centers in total 364 places which frequently contact with citizens and work during night and morning.

    In particular, 12,000 of the total amount of mask distribution will be produced by sewing workers whose work has been drastically reduced due to COVID-19, so that they can make up for even a small income with a wage of 1,000 won per sheet. The cotton masks (12,000 KF-certified filter exchange sheets) produced by sewing workers also have a function of keeping warm so they will be distributed mainly to mobile workers such as chauffeurs who work late at night.

    First of all, 30 KF94 masks including cotton masks per person will be distributed to about 10 million workers such as chauffeurs who face unspecified citizens in narrow spaces and delivery workers who work without day and night because of increased online shopping and food delivery due to the long term of COVID-19. The total amount of aid is 2.912 million.

    The masks are distributed to workers by major labor unions and user groups. In addition, workers who are not registered in labor unions or operate as individuals can receive masks if they visit five mobile workers’ shelters in Seoul (Seocho, Bukchang, Hapjeong, Sangam and Bulgwang).

    KF94 masks were also given to apartment security workers who face residents continuously. The autonomous districts surveyed the demand and completed distribution of 10 sheets per person to a total of 12,500 people in November.

    In addition, the government is also working on improving the environment of cleaning workers’ restrooms and call centers, which are at risk of infection because of high population density, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    322 domestic waste disposal companies in Seoul will provide preventive items for infectious diseases such as air purifiers and dehumidifiers to prevent infection. It will provide up to 15 million won and a total of 375 million won for each autonomous district and complete it in December.

    Financial aid up to 5 million won per call center company will be provided for air purifiers, masks, partitions, thermometers, and hand sanitizers to prevent infection in closed and dense environment. Currently, 42 companies have completed support and applications are still open.

    “We are urgently distributing masks to prevent infection of workers in blind spots amid the rapid spread of COVID-19,” said Seo Seong-man, the Director-General of Labor and Livelihood Security Policy. “We will also work to improve the working environment for essential workers such as street cleaners to protect the health of workers and prevent the spread of COVID-19.”