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  • Seoul to Spread the Wave of Peace, with the Hope for Successful Inter-Korean Summit

  • Press Releases SMG 1077
    • Seoul will utilize its 25 autonomous district offices’ walls, Seoul city’s 33,000 bullet boards playing video clips, and 57 billboards in subways
    • Live-broadcast via big screens at Seoul Square, Gwanghwamun Plaza, and DDP, along with a replica of the Foot Bridge in Panmunjeom
    • Various participatory programs including “Slope of Peace” made with wind mills and “photo exhibition for peace in the Korean Peninsula”
    • Press center with 1,000 seats in DDP together with site tours for foreign journalists in SeMa Bunker in Yeouido and Seoul Battleship Park

    Seoul will spread and promote the atmosphere of peace across the city, by utilizing all possible means before and after the inter-Korean summit, which will be held from 18th(Tue) to 20th(Thur) in Pyeongyang.

    Seoul will install a big banner at Seoul Library and a large-sized Korean Unification Flag on the walls of 25 autonomous district offices. Media façade in Seoul Square next to Seoullo 7017 will display video clips with the images of the Korean Unification Flag, pigeons and hand-shaking. Central stairs in Sejong Center for the Performing Arts will be wrapped with the messages hoping for unification. The Korean Unification Flag will be hoisted on waysides of major roads including Sejong-daero will hoist. Seoul city’s 33,000 video bullet boards will display a phrase that prays for successful inter-Korean summit. For a month after the summit, 57 billboards in the subway stations will display the images of two summits’ handshaking, and the ticket between Seoul and Pyeongyang.

    In April, the Seoul city government installed a big LED screen at Seoul Square for live-broadcast so that all the citizens can watch a historical moment. Seoul will additionally install the screens in the Southern part of Gwanghwamun Plaza and DDP. At the Southern area of Seoul Square, the flower garden will be decorated with flowers and plants that symbolize the Korean Unification Flag, and the phrase saying “Wishing the successful inter-Korean summit.” Seoul will run various participatory programs including a puzzle game with the shape of Korean Peninsula and a mosaic under the theme of imagination for peace. Seoul will install a replica of “Foot Bridge” in front of the statue of Yi Sun-sin in Gwanghwamun Plaza. During the previous inter-Korean summit, the leaders of two Korea took a walk and talked together on the bridge, gaining a lot of attention. In the replica of the bridge, citizens can enjoy a vivid experience and take a photo.

    For PR activities, Seoul will put up large banners on the walls of Seoul Library and DDP. Seoul will also upload online banners on its 46 websites, wishing for successful inter-Korean summit. Seoul will wrap the central stairs in Sejong Center for the Performing Arts with the phrase saying “inter-Korean Summit will bring us peace in the Korean Peninsula”, and a photo wall with the image of the two leaders of South and North Korea.

    Seoul will play a video clip related to the inter-Korean summit via a media façade of Seoul Square. Seoul will make a bumper sticker that prints out a phrase of a wish for successful inter-Korean summit. The stickers will be distributed to public service centers and community centers of autonomous districts, which can help citizens joining the atmosphere of congratulation for the summit. At Seoul Square and Gwanghwamun Plaza, the city will hold “photo exhibition for peace in the Korean Peninsula” from 17th to 26th September. The photo exhibition will display the images showing the process and endeavor for peace, from South-North Joint Communique, inter-Korean summit, and North Korea–United States summit.

    During that period, Gwanghwamun Plaza runs a program of “Slope of Peace.” Citizens can make windmills and plant them on the Slope of Peace. At Seoul Square, people can put stickers on the map of Korean peninsula. They also can participate in the programs titled “Puzzle of Korean Peninsula” to learn the landscape of the peninsula and “Mosaic with Peace Imagination” to color the image of trains and put up some messages.

    Seoul History Museum will hold an exhibition titled “Football of Kyungsung and Kyungsung FC–Pyongyang FC football.” The exhibition will display artifacts, photos and video clips showing the history and meanings of various football matches including the Kyungsung FC–Pyongyang FC rivalry during the Japanese colonial rule. The Seoul Grand Park will hold various events titled “Korean Peninsula,” “Finding the Korean Animals,” “The Roses of Sharon Have Blossomed,” “Ways to Pyeongyang zoo,” “Photo Exhibition of Animals.”

    The Seoul city government will provide active support for Korean and foreign journalists regarding the inter-Korean summit. Seoul installs the main press center with 1,000 seats in DDP in addition to a large billboard, so that people around the world can watch the inter-Korean summit in real time. Seoul will hold a press tour of SeMa Bunker in Yeouido and Seoul Battleship Park in Mapo for living-in and visiting foreign journalists, to promote a peaceful city of Seoul.

    Seoul Mayor, Wonsoon Park, said that “Seoul wish for a successful inter-Korean summit together with Seoul’s 10 million citizens by utilizing various means and running participatory programs to spread the peaceful atmosphere across the city.” “We wish that it will be a great opportunity for Seoul citizens to think about the meaning of the inter-Korean summit and experience the importance of peace. The Seoul metropolitan government will make tireless effort in the future as well,” he added.