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  • Seoul to Run Advertisements for Public Organizations and Small Businesses at No Charge

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    Seoul has been placing free hope advertisements every year since 2012 to aid the public activities of nonprofit organizations and to revitalize the economic activities of small businesses, and the first subject contest of this year will be held from March 12 (Tue) to April 12 (Fri).
    From 2012 to 2018, Seoul selected and provided aid to 295 organizations and businesses, and it further plans to support 40 organizations and businesses over two sessions this year.

    Seoul will select and give preferential treatment to those businesses that end up with the same scores in the hope advertisement subject contest for business support of youths and provide help to youth startups.

    Subjects of the contest include ▴contribution to society through donations, sharing, and volunteer work, and activities by nonprofit organizations that protect the human rights and interests of the socially vulnerable, ▴startup stories of small businesses that can give hope and courage to citizens and youths, and stories of public nature such as cases of social participation by corporations, etc.

    The selected organization will receive full support from Seoul in designing, printing, pasting, and image production, etc., and it is anticipated that the participation of youth startups with expertise in designing and image production will produce higher-quality advertisements this year.
    The medium of publicity supported by Seoul include inner corners of the subway, street stands, shoe repair stands, etc. in a total of approximately 6,896 places, and a one-time advertisement on the project will be featured in the monthly city magazine, “Love.seoul.”

    Also, in order to provide reinforced support through online advertisements starting this year, the organization or business selected for the hope advertisement will be introduced in an article in ‘Media Hub Seoul’ in addition to a separate banner that can be opened for viewing at any time.

    The application procedure and other detailed information can be found on Seoul City’s website http://seoul.go.kr.

    Seoul to Run Advertisements for Public Organizations and Small Businesses at No Charge
    Subway inner corner Street stand Shoe repair stand