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  • Seoul to Rise Beyond its Status as World’s Top E-Government to Become a Smart City with 50,000 IoT Sensors Across the City

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2323

    This year marks the 20th year since Seoul founded a national unit organization in relation to informatization for the official launch of an ICT-based city management and operations policy. Seoul plans to rise above its overwhelming status for seven consecutive years as number one in e-Governance in the world, and kick into high gear to attain the goal of cutting-edge ‘Smart City Seoul’ based on big data and new ICT.

    At the core of Smart City Seoul is big data known as the ‘crude oil of the 21st century.’ Continuing Seoul’s individual services that operated under the name of ‘informatization’ such as the Owl Buses, public Wi-Fi, and mVoting, Seoul will combine the IoT, blockchain, and other key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to the world’s best ICT technology, infrastructure, and accumulated city and administrative data which have been constructed until now, in order to create a new growth engine and offer new services as never before experienced in the past.

    For this project, 50,000 ‘IoT (Internet of Things) sensors’ will be installed throughout Seoul. In the area of transportation, the ‘Shared Parking System’ will be introduced within the year to relieve chronic parking difficulties with the IoT sensor that will grasp the availability of parked cars in real time, allowing citizens to check, reserve, and pay for parking spaces via a smartphone app. The sensors will analyze floating population data even when installing senior welfare centers and other infrastructure in order to expand infrastructure to areas of demand. When establishing city plans or constructing new buildings, the ‘3D-based Virtual Seoul’ system will simulate how these will affect the existing city environment and upgrade city management policies.

    Also, 120 Dasan Call Center will apply a trial run of the ‘Chat Bot’ function, which automatically responds to citizens’ questions using the artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and images will be analyzed based on big data and AI technology to officially introduce ‘Intelligent CCTV’ that automatically detects particular situations like fights and fires.