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  • Seoul to resume 66 cultural facilities including libraries, museums and art galleries from the 19th

  • Press Releases SMG 249
    • 66 cultural facilities in Seoul, which have been closed since December last year, start to open
    • Operation of the facilities begins in compliance with quarantine guidelines such as advance
      reservation and restrictions on the number of people admitted.
    • Museums and art galleries are available through online pre-booking, while Seoul Metropolitan
      Library resumes book rental services.
    • The manuals were made in the form of posters, calendars, and educational materials for various usage.
    • Expecting that citizens tired of COVID-19 will enjoy cultural arts and regain their daily vitality.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January, 19, 2021 — 66 cultural facilities in Seoul, which had been closed since December 5 (Saturday) last year to prevent the spread of COVID-19, resume operations on January 19 (Tue). They are operated by pre-booking system and restrict on the number of visitors. Visitors should check the guidelines in advance through the website of the facility they want to visit and follow quarantine rules such as wearing masks, checking heat before entering,
    and preparing visitor lists.

    Municipal museums such as the Seoul Museum of History and the Hanseong Baekje Museum, the Seoul Museum of Art, the Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, and the Nam-Seoul Museum of Art will reopen their exhibition by limiting the number of visitors through online advance reservations. Anyone can make a reservation for free at “Seoul City Public Service Reservations (yeyak.seoul.go.kr)” and because the number of people accommodated and operating hours vary by facility, you can check the website for details.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Library only allows book rental services to members who have been issued a membership card. Users should comply with quarantine guidelines, such as electronic entry lists and heat checking. What’s more, visitors can’t sit and read books in the reading room.

    It will also begin again operation of indoor and outdoor cultural facilities such as Donuimun Museum Village, Namsangol Hanok Village, and Unhyeon Palace. Namsangol Hanok Village and
    Unhyeon Palace do not have field programs, but only traditional houses and gardens can be viewed. Donuimun Museum Village is operated by limiting the number of visitors to 30%.

    In addition, the Youth Theater, a cultural space for senior citizens, will start screening movies on the 20th (Wednesday), with less than 40 out of 260 seats (20% seats). It will be operated with spacing the distance between seats and reduction on screening to three times a day. In addition, concert halls such as Donhwamun and Namsan Traditional Music Hall will also resume on-site performances by spacing the distance between seats.

    The current status of renewing the operation of cultural facilities in Seoul can be found on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website, and details of each facility can be found on the website of each institution and facility.