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  • Seoul to provid 1.6 billion won worth of quarantine supplies to daycare centers for preparing the new semester

  • Press Releases SMG 243
    • Strengthen quarantine in the new semester by supporting thermal imaging cameras, disinfection sterilizers, etc.
    • Segmentation of quarantine rules in accordance with childcare hours and inspection of 213 daycare centers with 100 or more people to comply with the quarantine rules.
    • Transition from closed quarantine rules to open quarantine rules to combine prevention and daily recovery

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 23, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government has reorganized its support and quarantine system for childcare sites to minimize the infection at daycare centers in the new semester. The plan is to switch from prolonged closure and closed quarantine rules to open and detailed quarantine rules so that infection can be minimized and daily recovery can be combined.

    First of all, 1.6 billion won in quarantine supplies such as disinfection sterilizers and thermal imaging cameras will be provided to strengthen the quarantine environment at daycare centers ahead of the new semester. In order to prevent infections in daycare centers, the city government also delivered detailed quarantine rules for each time spent at daycare center. For example, a fever test should be conducted one more time during activities after lunch as well in
    the morning.

    Starting on the 25th, Seoul Metropolitan Government and the autonomous districts will conduct a joint inspection of 213 daycare centers with more than 100 people to make all-out efforts to prevent infectious diseases.

    Following the recent preemptive test of child care staffs, the city government has recently encouraged parents who use emergency childcare services to take preemptive COVID-19 test and emphasized compliance with quarantine rules. According to result of the preemptive COVID-19 test for childcare staffs from Dec. 18, 20 to Jan. 31, 21, 52,033 people completed the test and found 15 asymptomatic confirmed patients early. From Jan. 25 to Feb. 22, 21, the preemptive test was conducted on parents, and 70% of emergency childcare families completed the test and found three asymptomatic confirmed patients early.

    Song Da-Young, the Deputy Mayor for the Women & Family Policy Affairs Office, said, “Although the city government has focused on minimizing infections with closed quarantine regulations at daycare centers, it has on the other hand caused many restrictions on daily life at daycare centers. In accordance with the prolonged COVID-19, we will not only minimize infections but also make efforts to restore daily lives of daycare centers by establishing a quarantine system suitable for childcare sites.”