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  • Seoul to promote the present and future of Seoul’s transportation in the COVID-19 era to the world stage

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    • Seoul will participate the , the online international transportation forum, on Feb.5 (Fri)
    • Technical sessions for future transportation will be held jointly with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Korea Transport Research Institute.
    • Domestic and foreign experts will gather together to share the direction and knowledge of future mobility
    • It will be broadcasted live on the World Bank website https://live.worldbank.org/

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 2, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will promote the successful COVID-19 response experience of Seoul’s transportation to the world stage at the <Transforming Transportation 2021> under the theme of “Reimaging Safe and Resilient Mobility for Recovery”. The <Transforming Transportation 2021> is an international forum organized by the World Bank Group and the World Resources Institute, which will be held this year as an online video conference due to COVID-19, from Feb.3(Wed) to 5(Fri)

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold a technical session on the theme of “Looking forward: Transport as a motor for change” jointly with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Transport Institute. The session’s main content is about “Future Mobility for the 4th Revolution & Non-contact Era” as a solution to create a safe city in the postcorona era.

    In the session, panels will share professional insights on self-driving, electric vehicles, and ecofriendly mobility as well as pandemic response cases. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will introduce the city’s effective COVID-19 response cases and future changes and trends in urban transportation in Seoul. In addition to domestic experts, transportation experts from the OECD and the World Bank will discuss together.

    “Transforming Transportation 2021” will be broadcast live on the World Bank’s website (https://live.worldbank.org/)) and pre-registration and event information can be checked on the event website (https://www.transformingtransportation.org/)).

    Hwang Bo-yeon, the Deputy Mayor of the City Transportation Department, said, “In the New Normal era triggered by COVID-19, there is traffic at the center of recovery. Seoul is currently the world’s highest public transportation city and is developing into a mobility innovation city, such as 5G connected technology, self-driving, personal motility, that leads the world market.” He added, “We hope this event will serve as a venue for sharing our experiences and international cooperation on global disasters such as COVID-19.”