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  • Seoul to Operate the First ‘Dolbom SOS Center’ for Urgent Care and Everyday Convenience in July

  • Welfare, Health & Security News SMG 2060

    The Seoul ‘Dolbom SOS Center,’ which offers one-stop customized services ranging from housework and nursing to everyday help including accompanied hospital visits, light bulb changes, etc. to satisfy the residents’ desire for care, will open simultaneously for the first time in five autonomous districts or gu (Seongdong, Nowon, Eunpyeong, Mapo, Gangseo) in July 2019.

    The ‘Dolbom SOS Center’ is an integrated window for welfare, health, and medical services. The centers will be installed and operated within ‘Visiting Community Service Centers,’ which are at the forefront of resident welfare, and ‘Dolbom Managers,’ members of staff composed of civil servants in social work and nursing, will be positioned in each center. Citizens who have previously visited or contacted community health centers, dementia centers, and social welfare centers separately to apply for services can now receive necessary service support, connections, and follow-up management at ‘Dolbom SOS Centers.’

    The elderly, handicapped, dementia patients, and citizens who desire to receive care can call or visit to make a request upon which ‘Dolbom Managers’ will make a visit within 72 hours to get a grasp of the necessary services. A care plan for services appropriate for each individual will be established and then linked with the necessary facilities and services. Dolbom Managers will conduct satisfaction surveys and follow-up inspections for the use of services for overall management.

    If the ‘Visiting Community Service Centers’ visited the sites of citizens’ lives in the past to actively discover welfare blind spots, the newly established ‘Dolbom SOS Centers’ will play the role as the heart of substantial care services to continue providing practical care services to residents discovered previously as well as to all local residents faced with various difficulties. Seoul plans to construct a ‘Seoul-type Integrated Dolbom System’ centering around ‘Dolbom SOS Centers’ where public and private organizations within the regional community closely connect and cooperate with each other to provide comprehensive care services.