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  • Seoul to Operate ‘Custom Employment Program’ at Job Cafés During Open Recruitment Season of First Half of the Year

  • Economy & Investment News SMG 1705

    The custom employment program for open recruitment during the first half of the year offering information and preparations for employment such as CV preparation consulting, ID photo shoot, interview training, etc. will officially be in full operation at the ‘Seoul Job Café’ starting in March.

    The ‘Seoul Job Café,’ located in Jongno, Sinchon, and other youth-concentrated areas, were utilized by 82,000 job applicants last year alone, and the café offers various employment support programs and study rooms to rent at no charge for youths between the ages of 15-39 who are searching for jobs.

    Starting in March, the practical employment 「Concentrated Consulting」 program will be newly opened for operation. Expert consultants will offer ‘close consulting and year-round follow-up management’ according to five-week employment goals for concentrated management of the whole employment process. Not only will there be lectures on various topics and mentoring, but also systematic management of each individual in the employment preparation stage as practice for actual employment.

    The 「Study Mentoring」 program that is in high demand by job applicants will be expanded. Last year, 4,840 individuals participated in the program at 18 job cafés with high satisfaction and participation rates, and the ‘Study Mentoring’ program will be extended to approximately 70 job cafés, with up to three custom mentoring sessions to be provided for study groups.

    The city will operate special job café programs adjusted to the eye level of the youth including job and industry analysis counseling, English résumé consulting, customized work experience consulting, and job concerts by incumbent workers for operation of job cafés that are ‘utilized more by higher numbers of youth.’

    Reservations and applications for job café programs can be made at the <Seoul Job Portal> (http://job.seoul.go.kr). (Inquiries: 82-2-2133-5443)

    ○ Photos of Job Café Employment Program in Operation

    Photos of Job Café Employment Program in Operation
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