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  • Seoul to Operate Automatically Allocated Call Taxis and Female-Only Taxis

  • Transport News SMG 2158

    In mid-February 2019, at the earliest, female-only taxis and automatically allocated call taxis that do not have the option of choosing passengers will be made available to citizens in Seoul.
    The names of the taxis for this service will be ‘Waygo Blue Taxis’ for automatically allocated taxis that cannot choose passengers, and ‘Waygo Lady Taxis’ for female-only reservation call taxis.

    The ‘Waygo Blue Taxis’ will be automatically assigned to a passenger once a call is made with a vehicle nearest to the passenger. The driver cannot know the destination of the passenger until the passenger is picked up and cannot refuse the ride. This is the first case where it is structurally impossible for taxi drivers to pick and drive passengers of choice.

    To prepare for cases in which a taxi picks and drives a passenger, the city will prepare a monitoring system with the Seoul Taxi Information System (STIS). Daily state of operations, fare records, and user evaluation scores can be monitored through STIS.
    Both passengers and drivers of the female-only reservation call taxis ‘Waygo Lady Taxis’ will be women. However, young male elementary school students will be allowed in the taxis. Starting with the trial service period, the service will offer baby and infant car seats for the first time in the country. Through monitoring during the trial service period, adding junior car seats will be examined in the future, and applying the same additions to ‘Waygo Blue Taxis’ will also be examined.

    The ‘Waygo Lady Taxis’ will begin its trial service with 20 vehicles which will eventually be expanded to 500 vehicles by 2020 and to 1,000 drivers to contribute to the creation of jobs for females. Both the Waygo Blue and Waygo Lady taxis will undertake a three-month trial period following their launch. Taxi fares and additional service fares during the trial period will be appropriated and graded to between KRW 2,000-3,000 per time slot.

    Seoul plans to launch various additional services in phases including pet transportation taxis, freight transportation and errand taxis, senior welfare taxis, etc. to strengthen the competitiveness of taxi services.

    <Reference Photo – Waygo Blue Taxi (plan)>