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  • Seoul to open Tourist Information Center in Myeong-dong on Nov. 29

  • Press Releases SMG 3006


    – Opening ceremony on Nov. 29, bearing fruit 5 months after the agreement on the center establishment

    – From Tourist Information to real-time accommodation and performance reservation, complaint handling and taking of commemorative photos in one place

    – Exterior design embodying the images of Jangakwon, the Joseon Dynasty’s court music authority

    – Provide diverse tourist Information such as Korea’s largest-scale leaflet wall, souvenir shops and event rooms

    – Create an opening atmosphere by exhibiting the pictures of Seoul tourist information around the center

    – Mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon will walk around Myeong-dong after the opening ceremony to promote the center 


    Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center will open on the Nov. 29(Fri.) in the mouth of Myeong-dong, No.1 tourist destination in Seoul which attracts over 6.8 million foreign tourists a year. 

    Seoul Metropolitan Government stated that it will hold the center’s opening ceremony at 16:00 on the Nov. 29(Fri) with the Mayor of Seoul, Park Won Soon, Tourist Police and Seoul Moving Tour Guides attending the ceremony. 

    The establishment of Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center is a private-public cooperative business as Seoul city, KEB and Seoul Tourism Marketing Co., Ltd., which is a corporation-type public enterprise cooperatively founded by Seoul city and a private company, participate in the business together. The strategic discussion for the establishment of the center finally bore fruit 5 months after the discussion started in June. 

    While KEB has provided the space for the center for free, Seoul city will pay the operating expenses and Seoul Tourism Marketing Co., Ltd. will fully take charge of its operation. 

    In the center, tourists can receive tourist information, book accommodations and performances, have their complaints about sightseeing handled, have a special event and take photos for commemoration. 

    The center’s exterior design embodies the images of Jangakwon, which is Joseon Dynasty’s court music authority as it is established in the place where the authority was located. It is expected to be a tourist attraction and the mainstay of Seoul city’s tourism storytelling. 

    On the left of the center entrance, there are tourist information desk providing tourist information, accommodation and performance booking service and trouble-shooting service, event stage, rest zones and internet zones. 

    The center’s tourist complaint handling center is expected to play a great role in realizing ‘Seoul, Safe Tourist City’ as it immediately handles tourists’ complaints such as ‘rip-off’ on the spot. 

    The city plans to enhance the field reaction capability by reinforcing the functions of receiving and handling complaints and by integrating all processes of handling complaints. 

    Souvenir shops, Korea’s largest-scale leaflet wall and chromakey zone where tourists can take photos with Korea’s main tourist attractions in the background are located on the right of the center entrance. The souvenir shops will display the excellent tourism souvenirs chosen by Seoul city in order to enable visitors to experience Seoul’s distinct features and unique stories. 

    ‘Leaflet wall’ will provide the tourist leaflets of Seoul, Korea’s provincial cities and major overseas cities the most in Korea in order to enable Koreans and foreigners to easily obtain all information they want ‘at once’ if they visit only the center. 

    In addition, the city will promote the center and provide visitors with various attractions by displaying the pictures containing Seoul city’s tourist information around the center. 

    After the opening ceremony, major distinguished visitors including the mayor of Seoul, special tourist zone chairmans group, tourist police and moving tour guides plan to go around the streets of Myeong-dong to promote the center. 

    Park Won Soon, Mayor of Seoul said “The principal agents of tourism are tourists and the private sector. Considering that the government bodies are responsible for connecting both principal agents, this tourist infrastructure construction project using private resources is a desirable win-win business for all agents.” He also added “I hope the opening of Myeong-dong Tourist Information Center will be the genuine beginning of the tourist infrastructure construction businesses using private resources.”