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  • Seoul to open “Seoul Tourism Plaza” where everything about Seoul tourism is gathered in one place

  • Press Releases SMG 285
    • “Seoul Tourism Plaza” supports space and commercialization to 67 start-ups to overcome the prolonged COVID-19 crisis.
    • The city will carry out s pecial inspections on entertainment facilities located in seven areas including Gangnam and Hongdae and apply the One Strike Out policy to businesses that violate quarantine rules
    • It is operated as a space that encompasses the industry, tourists, and citizens, such as tourist cafes and civic tourism academies.
    • The opening ceremony of “Seoul Tourism Plaza” is held at 10:30 am on Apr.4(Thu) and it will be live streamed at the Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/STOTV

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, APRIL, 29 , 2021 “Seoul Tourism Plaza”, which encompasses all of Seoul’s tourism in one place, will open today (4.29). It supports the growth and leap forward of Seoul tourism, which has been suffered by COVID 19. It w as built on nine floors in Samil Building in Gwancheol dong, Jongno gu.

    The opening ceremony of “Seoul Tourism Plaza” is held at 10:30 am on April 4th(Thursday) with only a minimum number of people considering the COVID 19 situation and it will be live str eamed at the Youtube channel of Seoul Tourism Organization https://www.youtube.com/c/STOTV

    Major institutions, from tourism associations to overseas tourism offices and promising startups, have been integrated into one place. Examples of start ups include <Impact>, which develops AR based tourism platforms, <Music King>, which provides Korean Wave content subscription services, and <Modernhan>, which operates traditional cultural experience platforms such as Hanbok.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide spaces to these 67 startups and operate customized support programs. It supports commercialization, promotion and marketing, attracting investment through consulting.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to operate the Seoul Tourism Plaza in accordance with three key roles. ① Support the tourism industry in a crisis due to COVID 19 ② Strengthen governance through major associations, institutions and public private cooperation ③Provide more opportunities for citizens to enjoy tourism.

    Seoul Mayor Oh Se hoon said, “Tourism trends in the post corona era will be changed to safety, local, non face to face and digital. The Seoul Metropolitan Government is actively pushing for support, recovery and leap project to preempt global tourism market deman d before any other cities in the world. ” He added, “We will do our best to make Seoul Tourism Plaza, which opens today, be a control tower for this.”