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  • Seoul to open “Community Space” online platform for 600 shared spaces

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    • Seoul to open an online platform “Community Space” that allows you to view private and public community spaces throughout Seoul at a glance with just a click
    • The platform enables map search by space type, reservation, and exploration
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government and 25 autonomous districts surveyed and discovered shared spaces
    • Any space operators engaged in community activities can register own space and share it with residents.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 1, 2020 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government will open an online platform called “Community Space” (https://www.communityspace.kr) on December 1st(Tuesday) that allows users to search for information on community spaces throughout the neighborhood. More than 600 spaces surveyed and discovered along with 25 autonomous districts from the summer of 2019 will be introduced through the platform.

    Community space means a shared place that is operated by local residents for a common purpose or daily life. Community spaces include places such as small libraries, club rooms, village bookstores and workshops, share kitchens. All of them can be found in the “Community Space.” The main functions include space search, reservation of use, and registrations for program exploration.

    Any space operator engaged in community activities can register own space for free on “Community Space.” The Seoul Metropolitan Government will regularly provide practical training for space operators on the use of the platform, and will also push ahead with a conference in March next year under the theme of community space revitalization cases and know-how lectures on space operation.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold an event from December 1 for space operators and citizens to mark the official opening of “Community Space.” The citizens of Seoul can participate by finding and sharing the community space they like on the “Community Space” platform, and space operators can join by registering new spaces and activities. The event participants are screened and selected to be provided souvenirs or photography by professional photographers. Details can be found on the following website. (“Community Space”: https://www.communityspace.kr)

    “It is a significant first step that it is a platform including not only public community spaces but also private community spaces,” said Choi Soon-ok, the Director-General of the Local Community Division at the Seoul Metropolitan Government. “Not only are space operators suffering from COVID-19, but residents are also suffering psychological difficulties due to restrictions on long-distance travel.”

    Plus, “I am pleased to be able to introduce online the large and small community spaces that the administration and the private sector jointly found in 2019. I hope the “Community Space” platform will serve as a stepping stone between the space operators and the residents to overcome the challenging period of COVID-19. We will do our best to prepare for various space needs that can occur when the situation improves so that information on activities can be shared online through this opening.”