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  • Seoul to offer 10,000 masks to vulnerable citizens to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Press Releases SMG 628
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Mall, a trading company, will provide 10,000 masks to vulnerable citizens to contribute preventing the spread of COVID-19
    • This donation is expected to help prevent vulnerable people from get infected and also to help those needed economically

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, March 12, 2020 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced, March 12, that it will provide 10,000 masks to vulnerable citizens in cooperation with Seoul Mall in a bid to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

    Accordingly, Seoul Mall will donate KF94 masks certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to the Seoul Metropolitan Government on March 13. (“KF” is an acronym for Korean filter.)

    The donated masks will be offered through the Seoul Metropolitan Food Bank Center to economically or socially disadvantaged people, including disabled citizens at welfare institutes, senior citizens living alone who have difficulties to buy masks, and low-income families.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government expects that this donation will help prevent vulnerable people who are unable to purchase masks due to the shortage of face masks as coronavirus spreads from get infected. Such an effort is also expected to help those needed economically.

    The CEO of Seoul Mall said, “I felt the need to donate masks when seeing the recent spread of coronavirus across the country and decided to give them to the citizens in need. I take this opportunity to actively participate in social contribution to take care of vulnerable neighbors.”

    Founded in 2009, Seoul Mall is a trading company specializing in beauty and health-related products. It trades usually between Korea and China; Korea and Indonesia; Korea and Singapore; and Korea and Japan, and it is recently expanding its B2B business.