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  • Seoul to launch 3rd “Foreign Residents Council” of 30 People from 20 Countries

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    • The “3rd Seoul Metropolitan Foreign Residents Council”, a window for communication and cooperation with foreign residents, is to launch with a non-face-to-face appointment ceremony on 26th (Tuesday)
    • The council consists of only foreigners from various countries such as China, Central Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, etc..
    • It will function as a permanent advisory body for foreigners-related policy formation when proposing policies, suggesting inconveniences, etc.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January, 26, 2021 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government will launch the third round of the “Foreign Residents Council,” operating as a channel for communication and cooperation with foreign residents, on the 26th (Tuesday).

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has formerly operated the “Foreign Residents Council” consisting completely of foreign residents from December 2015 to prepare for a multicultural era with 460,000 foreign residents.

    The five-year-old “Foreign Residents’ Conference” has served as a permanent advisory body that actually participates in the city’s foreign policy-making process, with 108 policies proposed to the city government to reflect about 67 cases.

    To continue the achievements of the first and second “Foreign Residents Council”, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has formed a TF to select members of the “3rd Seoul Metropolitan Foreign Residents Council” since August last year and selected the third members after open recruitment and fair screening.

    Depending on the size of foreigners staying in Seoul, the council consists of of 30 people from 20 countries, and the term is two years. In detail, nine people from Central Asia, five from China, five from the Middle East, three from Europe and five from Southeast Asia. A subcommittee shall be formed to gather opinions, conduct activities to discuss agenda items and directly propose policies related to foreign residents of the city.

    In this regard, the city government will officially launch the 3rd “Foreign Residents Council” at 2 p.m. on the 26th (Tuesday) via the non-face-to-face online conference.

    “Seoul is a global city where about 460,000 foreign residents live together, and we are running a foreign residents’ council to listen to their opinions and reflect their policies so that they don’t feel uncomfortable living in Seoul,” said Song Da-young, the deputy mayor of the city government’s Women & Family Policy Affairs Office. She added, “With the launch of the 3rd council, we will do our best to listen to more opinions and make Seoul better for anyone to live in.