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  • Seoul to Host UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism

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    7 th Global Summit on Urban Tourism

    Seoul is co-organizing with the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
    the “7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism,”
    a global conference on Urban Tourism in September

    • From 16 – 19 September 2018, Hotel Shilla, Seoul, Korea
    • Approximately 500 delegates are expected to attend including mayors of tourism destinations, tourism administrations or organizations, international/local organizations, travel enterprises, professionals, and experts.
    • The Theme ‘A 2030 Vision for Urban Tourism’ will be addressed by a Keynoter B. Joseph Pine II, author of the best-selling book The Experience Economy, who is well-known for first using the term ‘experience economy,’ and then through Four Sessions with sub-topics.
    • The ‘UNWTO Global Youth Summit on Urban tourism’ on Sept 18 is expected to boost the interests of youths and citizens, and their active participation.
    • The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has announced that the 7th Global Summit on Urban Tourism will take place from 16 – 19 September 2018 at Hotel Shilla in Seoul under the theme of A 2030 Urban Tourism Future Vision.
      • ○ The Global Summit on Urban Tourism is an international conference where tourism destination cities share ideas on issues and endeavor to design new strategic approaches under the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. Initiated in 2012 in Istanbul Turkey, Seoul has the honor of organizing the 7th Summit first time in North East Asia.
    • The SMG strategically seized upon the opportunity to hold the UNWTO Summit last November in order to promote Korea as well as Seoul as a global tourism destination and finally to re-address the vision for future tourism.
    • Focusing on the theme ‘A 2030 Vision for Urban Tourism,’ some 500 delegates are expected to attend including mayors of major tourism destinations, heads of tourism administrations or organizations, representatives of international/local organizations, travel enterprises, professionals and experts, and others.
    • The Summit will convene with the Opening Ceremony and proceed to the Keynote Lecture, to the High-Level Panel, to Sessions I to IV and then to the Closing. For a side event, the ‘UNWTO Global Youth Summit on Urban Tourism’ is also scheduled.
      • ○ B. Joseph Pine II who is widely known for first using the term ‘experience economy’ as the author of the best-selling book The Experience Economy will deliver the Keynote Address;
      • ○ Mayors of major tourism destinations, heads of tourism administrations or organizations, and officials of related ministries or agencies will gather around the High-Level Panel to share their cases and vision on urban tourism;
      • ○ Ensuing are Four Sessions on the following topics:
        • – Session I on Looking Towards 2030: An Innovative Approach to Competitiveness in Urban Destinations
        • – Session II on The 4th Industrial Revolution Shaping the Future of Urban Tourism
        • – Session III on Urban Tourism and the Rejuvenation of Cities
        • – Session IV on Fair and Inclusive Tourism: Building Cities for All
      • ○ Notably, the Session IV will be jointly held with the Seoul International Fair & Sustainable Tourism Forum 2018, founded in 2016 with two previous Forums.
    • Following the Closing Ceremony on Sept. 18 comes the Tour Programme, which will offer delegates chances to experience urban tourism in Seoul as discussed in Four Sessions.
    • The SMG is expecting that this international summit would be a great opportunity to promote Seoul’s attraction globally. Especially, 6 tour programmes will be operated as part of the summit programme, in which participants can explore the city of Seoul and deeply understand. Tour programmes include ▴Traditional Seoul Tour ▴Spouse Tour ▴Session-related Tour ▴Night Tour ▴VIP Seoul Tour ▴JSA·DMZ Tour. Participants who want to join tour programmes must pre-register via the official website and can choose their preferred one.
      • ○ Traditional Seoul Tour (16 September): This is a Half Day Tour. Participants will visit Gyengbokgung Palace ~ Namsangol Hanok Village.
      • ○ Spouse Tour (17 September): This is a Full Day Tour for world city mayors and their family. Attractions include Gyengbokgung Palace ~ Insadong ~ Gwangjang Market ~ Lotte World Tower.
      • ○ Session-related Tour Programme (18 September): This is a Half Day Tour in which there are four different theme tours as discussed in each session. This tour is a great way for participants to experience urban tourism in Seoul.
        Tour programmes include ▴Seoul Future Vision Tour (DDP ~ Korean Furniture Museum) ▴Seoul Smart Future Tour (SK T.um ~ N Seoul Tower) ▴Seoul Regeneration Tour (Seoullo7017 ~ Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park) ▴Seoul Fair & Sustainable Tourism Village Tour (Seoul Forest ~ The Picker ~ Oneul Salon ~ The Fair Story ~ Africa Insight ~ Sonyeobangatgan ~ Marymond).
      • ○ Night Tour (18 September): This is the only tour operating at night. Main attractions include DDP and Lotte FITIN. Participants will see the night view, do shopping and much more.
      • ○ VIP Seoul Tour (18 September): This is a Full Day Tour. Attractions include Korean Furniture Museum ~ Insadong ~ Seoullo7017 or Lotte World Tower.
      • ○ Other City Tour (19 September): This is a special tour as South Korea has been getting plenty of attention from the world due to the recent Inter-Korea Summit. Attractions include Joint Security Area (JSA) ~ Imjingak ~ Unification Bridge ~ DMZ Theater ~ Dora Observatory ~ Dorasan Station.
    • A Seoul city official stresses the significance of holding the 7th Global Summit on Urban Tourism in this uncertain, fast-changing environment. “As more cities look to the tourism industry as a growth engine for sustainable and competitive development, they are more aware of the importance of cooperation and collaboration between them. Moreover, the successful holding of the Summit will facilitate and expand the global interests in Korean tourism that Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and April 2018 inter-Korean summit prompted.”

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    7th Global Summit on Urban Tourism Overview

    • ○ Title: 7th UNWTO Global Summit on Urban Tourism
    • ○ Dates: 16-19 September, 2018
    • ○ Venue: The Shilla Seoul, Seoul, Republic of Korea
    • ○ Theme: A 2030 Vision for Urban Tourism
    • ○ Organized by: UNWTO, Seoul Metropolitan Government
    • ○ Supported by: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST)
      Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)
      Seoul Tourism Organization (STO)
    • ○ Official Language: English
    • ○ Website: www.7globalsummiturbantourism.kr
    • ○ Targeted Participants /
      • – UNWTO Affiliate Members
      • – National Tourism Administrations/Organizations
      • – Local authorities, municipalities
      • – International, regional associations/networks of local authorities
      • – City DMOs,
      • – Convention Bureaus
      • – Travel trade representatives
      • – Public authorities in charge of transport
      • – Cultural institutions
      • – Academic institutions
      • – Urban planners, architects
      • – New Platform Tourism Services representatives
      • – ICT providers
    • ○ The programme a glance
      The programme a glance
      Time 16 Sep. 17 Sep. 18 Sep. 19 Sep.
      09:00-10:00 Registration Registration
      Opening Ceremony One-on-One Interview
      10:00-11:00 Keynote Address Session 3 Tour
      Coffee Break
      11:00-12:00 Registration High-Level Panel Coffee Break
      Presentation of UNWTO Report
      12:00-13:00 Session 4
      Closing Ceremony
      14:00-15:00 Tour Session 1
      15:00-16:00 Tour UNWTO Global Youth Summit on Urban Tourism
      Coffee Break
      16:00-17:00 Session 2
      18:00-19:00 Welcome Dinner
      19:00-20:00 Welcome Reception Night Tour

      ※ Please note that the programme is subject to change.