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  • Seoul to host “Beauty Seoul Branding Conference” to leap forward as a global beauty hub

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    • Seoul promotes the development and nurturing of Seoul’s beauty industry as the future core industry in line with the global spread of Hallyu.
    • Seoul hosts the Beauty Seoul Branding Conference with various experts, and the conference can be viewed on YouTube on September 16.
    • Seoul plans to leap forward as a global beauty center to increase future growth potential and enhance city competitiveness.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 15, 2021 – In line with the global spread of the Korean Wave, Hallyu, the “Beauty Seoul Branding Conference” will be streamed on YouTube channels of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Newsis News Agency from 5:45 p.m. on September 16.

    The conference was held on September 9 without spectators due to the COVID-19 situation. Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon delivered his keynote speech, and Korean and international beauty experts discussed ways to make Seoul a leading beauty hub in the world by fostering and supporting the city’s beauty industry, which is gaining popularity both at home and abroad.

    Seoul sees the K-beauty industry as a future core industry of Seoul and a key driving force that will lead the city’s competitiveness. Taking this opportunity, Seoul is now preparing to take off as a global beauty hub.

    Seoul has established the Seoul Vision 2030, a future roadmap to take another leap forward as one of the top five global cities. One of the keywords of the roadmap is “Future Emotional City,

    “Future Emotional City, Seoul” aims to make Seoul a city where anyone wants to visit, live, and invest. The key factor of the city’s charm lies in the Korean beauty industry that has become a
    new Korean Wave cultural content.

    Seoul has an excellent environment with high potential for growth as a global beauty city as the headquarters of four Korean companies ranked as the world’s top 100 cosmetics companies are located in Seoul. The beauty industry is a future industry that is expected to grow continuously with expandability that can develop infinitely into the fashion, tourism, and MICE industries.

    Mayor Oh said in his keynote speech, “Seoul plans to raise the city’s competitiveness of beauty industry and its recognition as a tourist city that aims to re-emerge as one of the top five global cities.” The Seoul Metropolitan Government will develop various tourism products and travel courses related to beauty and create the “Dongdaemun Beauty Special Zone” where new vitality
    will arise.

    “Seoul is establishing a specific action plan to build and foster related infrastructure so that the beauty industry can become a strong growth engine for Seoul. As a global beauty hub, we will enhance the future growth potential of Seoul and create a new brand so that anyone in the world can say, ‘If you want to see the latest global beauty trends, you can go to Seoul’”, said the Mayor.