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  • Seoul to Hold ‘Sharing Festival’ for its Sharing Economy

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    Seoul to Hold ‘Sharing Festival’ for its Sharing Economy

    Festival based on the theme of ‘sharing’ will be held for the first time in the country with the participation of numerous companies and organizations that lead the sharing economy providing citizens with opportunities to experience the culture of sharing through various programs and events. The City of Seoul is holding the ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ for three days from September 7 (Fri) to September 9 (Sun) at Oil Tank Culture Park in Mapo.

    The ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival’ is roughly divided into three categories – ① Sharing Experience Program, ② Performance‧Exhibition, and ③ Forum‧Lecture – based on the theme of ‘Sharing turns everyday life into a festival.’

    For the sharing experience programs, around 30 sharing economy companies and organizations specializing in electric scooters, mini electric car, power-assisted wheelchair, bus sharing, cooking, makeup, and yoga will present their specialties to share hobbies and even a bucket list with citizens and let them take part in the experiences at relevant booths. Diverse activities including controlling R/C cars, making pet tags and earrings, woodworking, and 3D dog and cat figurine coloring will be offered as well.

    Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market will also take place during the festival period with lines of food trucks offering a variety of foods to eat, while 20 busking teams who made it to the final rounds of the ‘2018 Korea Busking Contest’ will be performing. Engaging exhibitions and an outdoor library where citizens can read books in hammocks will also be available.

    Moreover, a forum with real stories on the sharing economy and back-to-back lectures by CEOs of leading sharing economy companies such as WeWork Korea (office), Airbnb (lodging), Green Car (car sharing), and MODUCOMPANY (parking lot) will be held for three days.

    Please visit the festival’s official website (www.sharehub.kr/2018festival) or call (☎ 02-515-1536) for more information on and making reservations for the ‘2018 Sharing Seoul Festival.’