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  • Seoul to hold “2020 Seoul Innovation Week” online, proposing “City Transition” to solve social problems caused by COVID-19

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  • Seoul to hold “2020 Seoul Innovation Week” online, proposing “City Transition” to solve social problems caused by COVID-19

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    • The 2020 Seoul Innovation Week will be held online under the theme of “City Transition, Waves of Innovation Making Together” for three days from November 25 to 27
    • Experts from ten cities, including Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Paris, will gather and explore practical action plans for the city transition
    • Renowned speakers including Kate Raworth, Nani Pajunen, and Carlos Moreno will make presentations and discussions about doughnut economics, circular economy, fifteen-minute city, and other related topics
    • Seoul will lead the Sharing City initiative by making the “Seoul’s Proposal” during the Seoul Innovation Week and ask for global solidarity
    • The Week is expected to be a meaningful venue for exploring the sustainable future

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 24, 2020 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that it will host the “2020 Seoul Innovation Week” online under the theme of “City Transition, Waves of Innovation Making Together” for three days from November 25 to 27.

    While COVID-19 has put a halt to the world, the “city transition” will be proposed during the Week to solve various social problems in the growth-focused social system. Citizens, businesses, local governments from different countries, and city transition experts will gather and explore practical action plans.

    So far, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has held the Future Innovation Forum, the International Conference for Transition City, and the Sharing Festival, separately. This year, these events will be integrated into one online event to discuss how to promote a sustainable life covering social innovation, city transition, and sharing in tackling social problems caused by the COVID 19 outbreak.

    Not only infectious diseases but also climate change is threatening the ecosystem as well as human life. In this context, it is time for cities to stop growth-oriented development and transition into a different direction. The city government plans to introduce the concept and examples of the city transition and promote the discussion on detailed action plans applied to the municipal policies.

    The Seoul Innovation Week will be held in three programs: 1) Future Innovation Forum, 2) Transition Conference and 3) Sharing City Forum.

    Doughnut economics that saves both social balance and the ecosystem are emerging as an alternative to the city reconstruction after COVID-19

    The Future Innovation Forum consists of the Keynote Session and the Special Session. Starting with the welcoming speech of the Acting Mayor of Seoul, the Forum will present a vision for a new economic system to overcome global crises such as climate emergency and infectious diseases under the theme of “Climate Emergency and Economy for Transition.”

    In the Special Session held with the theme of “Seoul’s Legacy for Social Innovation Left in the Global Ecosystem,” invited speakers will make presentations on best practices that have been developed by visits to Seoul’s social innovation venues and interviews with related people and that can be applied to the global ecosystem of social innovation. Discussions will be followed based on collective intelligence about Seoul’s way to go forward as a leading city for the social innovation initiative.

    Transition Conference will stress the implementation of action plans by citizens, businesses, and local governments for the urban transition and community-based circular economy

    In the Transition Conference, various practitioners of city transition will present case studies with active participation, with following sessions; Session 1) Stories of companies leading the city transition, 2) Stories of organizations and activists dreaming of the community’s transition of ecological civilization through community-based circular economy, 3) Citizens’ sharing of experiences and declaration on realizing the transition in daily life, and 4) Sharing the cases of urban transition by city governments around the world.

    World cities will discuss the rules of sharing and cooperation, and declare the “Seoul’s Proposal”

    The Sharing City Forum’s Session 1 will serve as a venue of discussing and reaching a consensus on the direction and principles of sharing city campaigns around the globe. In its Session 2 with a theme of “Sharing City Strategies for Better Resilience in the Pandemic Era,” participants from Spain, Sweden, and other countries will present the cases showing how they have overcome the COVID-19 crisis. At the end of the Forum, the “Seoul’s Proposal” will be declared to newly tune the principles and direction for the world’s sharing cities to go forward in the future.

    The Seoul Innovation Week will be held online in a contactless format at SEOULON, Seoul’s dedicated studio for video conferences. Anyone can easily find the details on speakers and session schedules at the event official website (http://www.siw2020.or.kr/en) The entire programs will be live-streamed at the city’s official Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/seoulcityofficial). Anyone can participate in the programs in real time.

    Acting Mayor Seo Jeong-hyup said, “Now we are facing the crisis due to the coronavirus. This is the right time for us to look back on the sustained system and make a shift toward a different direction.” He added, “With the governments, businesses, civic groups, and academics from different countries, who are the key players of the transition, the 2020 Seoul Innovation Week is expected to be a meaningful venue of sharing innovative ideas and experiences to explore the sustainable future of the planet and human beings, by overcoming the COVID 19 crisis.”