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  • Seoul to Help 162 Small and Medium-size Manufacturing Businesses Market their Green Products

  • Integrated News SMG 1701

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is set to start helping small and medium-sized manufacturers to promote their green products, including companies that manufacture innovative and creative environmentally-friendly products such as wet tissue, waterless toilets, and other goods that are sure to pique our curiosity. The government selected the products after conducting a thorough review, and is due to publish the Green Product Guide Book, which will serve as a consumer’s guide to green products.

    Only green products whose contribution to saving resources and reducing pollution is superior to other products are chosen. In order to help sell these products and raise consumer confidence about purchasing them, the government will print the goods with the Public Procurement Service’s G2B identification number and promote government agencies’ purchase thereof. In addition, the government, in order to raise awareness of products made by socially disadvantaged groups, will ensure that they carry the Environment Mark Seal and the Good Recycling Seal (GR), as well as ‘Manufactured by the Disabled’, ‘Socially Responsible Company’ and ‘Women’s Company’ marks.