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City of Seoul

  • Seoul to Go | Ep.1 | I·Seoul·U Festival, Seoul Bike Ttaerungi, and more!

  • City of Seoul SMG 21662

    ST 1. Opening
    Angelina / Hello My name is Angelina, your host for our new program “Seoul To Go.”

    Now you guys and I will have a fun time peeking into what’s happening in Seoul. From the headline news to little life hacks for our expats living in Seoul, we’ve got a lot of stories to bring in today so be ready, I’m sure you will like it.

    If you guys are ready open the gate to our first episode of “Seoul to go,” let’s get started!

    VCR 1. Interview with mayor Park

    Reporter: Angelina

    Q. Seoul city has launched a new news program in English called Seoul To Go, we wanna ask you to say a little welcoming message for us.
    A. I’m very happy to start English news show.
    Q. Oct. 28 marks the 3rd anniversary of I SEOUL U. Do you have any message for foreigners living in Seoul?
    A. Actually this is the badge of “I Seoul U.” And it was launched three years ago. And especially I would like to point out the very different process from other brand of the cities. Around 300,000 citizens, Seoul citizens, and foreign citizens together voted. They selected this one. I really want to be remembered as the mayor who go beyond national boundaries. So I would like to cooperate and bring about change and collaborate with other cities in the world.

    Thank you so much.

    ST 2. Bridge

    Angelina / Next coming up, is our reporter out at the Seoul Square who has been waiting all day long to show you what’s happening there! Let’s take a look!!

    VCR 2. I Seoul You

    Reporter: Minyoung /Hello everyone! I’m here at the Seoul Square where the iseoulu festival is being held.
    This event marks the 3rd anniversary of the founding of the ISEOULU city brand. There are a lot of visual treats prepared by Seoul city for local visitors and foreigners to enjoy, so come with me and let’s go check this place out.

    / Today’s ISEOULU festival is being held under the theme “health and energy” and provides a wide variety of hands on experience for citizens.

    / I think it’s good to live here. It’s easy, you have convenient stores everywhere you find restaurants, people are friendly and yes, I think I could live here.
    / I SEOUL U, I love Seoul!

    ST 3. Bridge

    Our last story will be about a little friend that will give you a lot of help moving around in Seoul. Our reporter had spent some great time with him. Let’s see who the little guy is!!

    VCR 3. My friend “Ttareungi”

    Reporter: Minyoung /DARARA~ Say hi to my friend ttareungi!
    I’m going to show you how to use and how to rent ttareungi.
    So to use the ttareungi service the first thing you have to do is download the ttareungi app on your mobile phone.
    / The first step is to download the ttareungi app in your mobile phone.
    Then you have to create an id and password. but you can also use the app through non-member services.
    Next, search for the rental station within the app by inserting the station’s given number or name.
    complete payment through your credit card or mobile payment service.
    It costs 2000 won for 2 hours use, and it charges 200 won per 5 minutes after that.
    you will get an 8 digit number if it’s all done.
    /Okay so it’s all done in my mobile phone. I made my payments I got the rental number so I’m gonna show you how to use the ttareungi service on the ttareungi program, so let’s give it a try.

    /Select a bicycle and turn on the device attached to the bike. then insert the number you received.

    /Okay so it’s all done so I’m going to pull off the lock from the bicycle. It’s all done. The bike is yours so enjoy your time.

    / So did you enjoy spending time with my friend ttareungi? He’s quite easy to get close to right? I hope you make the most of what Seoul city has to offer and I will get back to you in our later episode and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Bye!

    ST 4. Closing

    Angelina / This is all I have for you today guys. Was it fun? I hope you had a lot of fun with me.
    If you did, please continue to stay with me during this “Seoul to go” trip all the way around the city.
    So I will be back with more interesting contents next time and now we’ll have to say goodbye.
    Shall we shout out together as we go? “Seoul to GO~ GO~ GO~~~ Bye guys~! (WAVE HANDS)