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  • Seoul to fine 100,000 won for not wearing a mask from November 13

  • Press Releases SMG 222
    • Imposing fines after guidance on wearing a mask rather than immediate punishment to strengthen quarantine and prioritize civil health
    • Operate emergency response teams for 24-hour mask handling in each district in preparation for confusion in the early stages of the crackdown
    • On the morning of the 13th, a campaign to crack down on and wear masks will be held at subway stations and bus stops.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 12, 2020 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that starting Nov. 13, a fine of 100,000 won will be imposed on those who do not wear a mask after a mandatory guidance period.

    Indoor facilities such as public transportation, indoor sports facilities, performance halls, private institutes, and PC rooms, as well as outdoor rallies, protest halls, and event halls are subject to fines for not wearing masks.

    ① Facilities for concentrated control
    Five types of entertainment bars; door-to-door and direct sales promotion halls; karaoke rooms; indoor standing performance halls; indoor sports facilities; restaurants, cafes, and bakeries (bigger than 150 m2)

    ② Facilities for regular control
    Performance halls; private academies (including training schools); job training institutions; PC bangs (Internet cafes); arcades and multi rooms; bathhouses and saunas; wedding and funeral halls; movie theaters; water and amusement parks; beauty salons; stores, markets and department stores (bigger than 300 m2); study rooms and cafes; indoor sports facilities

    ③ Other
    Public transport; medical institutions; pharmacies; public assemblies; demonstrations; indoor sports facilities; nursing homes; facilities that provide day/night care services; high-risk businesses (call centers, logistics centers); gatherings or events of more than 500 people held with permit from the city or district

    Masks including sanitary, surgical, droplet-proof and cotton masks, are permitted and covering the face with mesh, valve-type masks, scarves or clothes is not recognized as wearing masks. Also, wear it so that the nose and mouth are completely covered.

    The city plans to impose a fine for not wearing a mask to create a social atmosphere that citizens’ wearing the right masks can protect everyone’s health rather than the purpose of punishment, and to guide them to wear masks rather than punishment immediately when cracking down on them, and impose a fine for non-compliance with the regulations.

    The city will operate a 24-hour emergency response team for civil service handling in each district for two weeks from November 13 to 27, in order to resolve civil complaints that may occur in the early stages of the crackdown.

    Meanwhile, the city will hold a mask-wearing campaign at subway stations and bus stops on the morning of the 13th, the first day of the fine. It will crack down on whether the mask is properly worn with a licensed mask, and will also guide citizens to wear the correct mask.