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  • Seoul to find out ways to reduce fine dusts at subways with global innovators

  • Press Releases SMG 397
    • Seoul Metropolitan Government, Cultural Heritage Administration, Woomi Construction, and Cheil Worldwide Inc. to hold an opening ceremony of the IT-construction of Donuimun at the original site of the gate on August 20
    • Visitors can download the app for Donuimun AR and play it in the area of Jeongdong intersection to enjoy a magnificent view of Donuimun in the past
    • Besides, visitors can find “Donuimun diorama (mock-up)” and a photo exhibition displaying what it was in the past; The VR zone for the gate provides a vivid experience so that visitors can feel as if they are mounting the fortress in the reality

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 21, 2019 – As the first local government in Korea, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will hold the “Seoul Global Challenge,” an international competitive R&D platform, to invite global innovators for better solutions to various urban problems.

    Through the “Seoul Global Challenge”, the city government presents one of Seoul’s urban problems for each challenge, which are highly difficult and highly demanded by citizens, to companies, universities and research institutes around the world; those interested will have an opportunity to develop innovative ideas and use the city as a testbed to test their solutions; and then the city government purchases best ones through the public procurement, implementing them right away to improve the quality of life for citizens.

    The first challenge is “Find Out Ways to Reduce Fine Dusts at the Subway” since recently it has been emerged as one of the serious problems in Seoul. Tunnels (five tunnels at Hyochang Park Station on the subway line 6), platforms (10 platforms including Itaewon Station) and trains (trains operated on the line 2) with high levels of fine dust are set as the three spaces where the challenge will be tested and applied. Selected products and solutions will be unveiled at the “2020 Fine Dust Expo” to be held in February next year.

    Through the “Seoul Global Challenge”, the Seoul Metropolitan Government said it will preempt the technological edge of the subway air quality improvement industry over overseas cities. . Selected products and solutions will be unveiled at the “2020 Fine Dust Expo” to be held in February next year.

    The first challenge’s proposals will be accepted online from September 9 through November 22 at its website (www.seoul-tech.com/seoulglobalchallenge). The best winning team will be awarded 500 million won (USD 413,560) along with the Seoul Mayor’s Prize, while the second team will receive 100 million won (USD 82,700) in prize money. The best teams for each space (tunnel, platform, and train) will be given 50 million won (USD 41,350).

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government said that it will purchase best products and solutions selected through the “Seoul Global Challenge” and apply them to subways as soon as possible to improve both the air quality of public transportation and the quality of life for citizens.