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  • Seoul to Extend Funding of ‘Drowsy Driving Prevention Device’ for Large Trucks

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    With accidents continuously caused by dozing off at the wheel, installment of the Lane Departure Warning System for trucks and large vehicles have become mandatory, and Seoul City will continue to complete the installation support this year which was begun last year to strengthen traffic safety.

    The Lane Departure Warning System is a device that detects drivers’ unintentional lane departure and dozing off while driving which gives the driver visual, auditory, and tactile warnings. The system will detect lane departure through the front vehicle camera, turn signal switch, steering angle sensor, vehicle speed sensor, etc.

    This year, Seoul will offer a total funding of 2.27 billion KRW for the installment of the Lane Departure Warning System, with a fifty-fifty division of public and municipal expenses, for approximately 5,700 trucks and special vehicles registered in Seoul.

    The city will offer 80% funding of device expenses (including installment fees) and will provide support of up to 400,000 KRW per vehicle. Dump trucks* and towed vehicles among trucks and special vehicles exceeding 20 tons will be excluded from the funding.

    The subsidy funding project for the mandatory installment of the Lane Departure Warning System will only be provided by the end of this year. Because the funding budget can be exhausted early, Seoul City encourages completion of installments during the first half of the year. Starting in 2020, vehicles that have not installed the Lane Departure Warning System will be charged fines in accordance with relevant laws.

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