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  • Seoul to Expand AI Chatbot Messaging Services for Public Inquiries & Complaints

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    • Seoul will expand its AI chatbot service on Seoul Talk, a city-run messaging service available on Kakao Talk that deals with public inquiries and complaints covering 54 areas.
    • Seoul Talk AI now handles 77 percent of total onsite illegal parking complaints, slashing some 200 hours in relevant procedures and cutting down 600 hours.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 10, 2021 – The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to expand its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service on “Seoul Talk,” a city messaging service available on Kakao Talk that is the most popular mobile messaging app in Korea. Seoul Talk will deal with public inquiries and complaints covering 54 areas across five sectors: housing, safety, welfare, transportation, and the environment.

    Through such services, City officials hope to provide quality service and ensure the convenience of Seoul residents. AI consultants available on the nation’s largest messaging app grant the citizens access to automated responses on 420 types of administrative information in the city, 24 hours a day. They include filing onsite civil complaints as well as making reservations for public services.

    Since February of last year, Seoul has been operating this service as an online communications channel, with currently some 170,000 subscribers.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has enhanced functions on filing public complaints through Seoul Talk AI, which is now in charge of a whopping 77 percent of total onsite complaints on illegal parking.

    Once Seoul receives a filing of a parking complaint, the AI’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will locate the site from where the complaint originated and assign the matter to relevant autonomous districts. The AI sorting through and assigning these complaints has cut down the time and the burden on a consultant who previously had to sift through the myriad of tasks and grievances.

    The AI has cut down on some 200 hours in relevant procedures and is expected to slash time by some 600 hours once the city expands the service.

    Seoul Talk is fast becoming an essential communications channel that provides immediate responses, resolving 16 percent of cases usually filed through the “120” city information service hotline. The most sought-after inquiries on Seoul Talk largely focus on COVID-19 testing, vaccine reservations and inoculations, and disaster relief payouts. It has emerged as a key tool to provide non-face-to-face public services.

    The use of Seoul Talk surged two to three-fold in July and August, amid a persistent uptick in new infections, especially in Seoul and the surrounding areas.

    The city will provide more information on available services within the city through Seoul Talk, such as instructions on how to access public libraries and open classes available at city-run centers. It aims to expand its services to cover every aspect of the daily lives of Seoul residents.

    “Seoul Talk has taken on the role of a city-wide secretary for the citizens, providing a wide range of 24-hour services from city administrative affairs to filing applications,” said Park Jong-soo, Director General of Smart City Policy at the Seoul Metropolitan Government. “The city plans to offer enhanced intelligent services by making use of AI technology and expanding areas where it can be applied.”

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