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  • Seoul to Establish Learning Centers in Each Dong by 2022 to Open the Era of Lifelong Learning

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    Seoul to Establish Learning Centers in Each Dong by 2022 to Open the Era of Lifelong Learning

    Seoul is set to entirely expand <Neighborhood Learning Centers>, which are spaces for lifelong learning in neighborhoods and near offices, for all citizens to easily and conveniently participate in lifelong learning. By 2022, Seoul will install Neighborhood Learning Centers in all of 424 dong throughout Seoul to open the ‘Era of One Neighborhood Learning Center Per Dong’ and construct and operate a more closely knit lifelong learning service network.

    Autonomous districts that will operate the Neighborhood Learning Centers will create a regional lifelong learning cooperation model with Seoul, and the districts can receive help on ①expert labor force, ②financial support, and ③custom consulting. With the introduction of Neighborhood Learning Centers in applicable districts, citizens will be able to participate in easier and more convenient lifelong learning.

    Starting in 2019, autonomous districts that manage the Neighborhood Learning Centers will have a minimum of two ‘Dong Lifelong Learning Experts’ to raise program quality and to increase the substantiality of operations. The ‘Dong Lifelong Learning Experts’ will ▴develop and operate lifelong learning programs suitable for each district, ▴provide support in learning community activities, ▴offer counseling for learners and promote learner motivation, ▴communicate with residents, and ▴discover resources for learning in the district, etc.

    In addition, the centers will be linked with excellent civil programs and local infrastructures like schools, libraries, and cultural centers to construct a model of lifelong learning cooperation and co-existence that connects the city, autonomous districts, city offices of education, and the public. The centers will also offer practical and differentiated lifelong learning programs in accordance with social changes in ▴life culture education, ▴vocational capacity promotion, and ▴solutions of local problems.