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  • Seoul to Distribute 7,090 Divisions for Eco-Friendly Weekend Farming Starting February 1

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    Starting at 9 a.m. on February 1 (Friday), Seoul will begin distributing 7,090 divisions of land as part of “Together Seoul Eco-friendly Farms” in fourteen areas near Seoul, including Namyangju, Yangpyeong, Gwangju, and Goyang-si, on a first come, first served basis via the Seoul City website (www.seoul.go.kr). Distributed farms can be used freely between April and November.

    “Together Seoul Eco-friendly Farms” consists of 7,090 divisions of land at 16.5㎡ (standard 5 pyeong) in the Hangang River Water Supply Protection Area of the Namyangju, Yangpyeong, and Gwangju regions, and in Goyang-si located west of Seoul. The project has been in operation since 2000 to provide citizens the opportunity for healthy use of leisure time.

    Seoul will offer 30,000 KRW of support per 16.5㎡ (5 pyeong) for farm rentals in addition to free provision and support of seeds, lettuce seedlings, organic fertilizer, pesticide, and farming education material.

    Citizens who participate in weekend farming will pay a rent of 30,000 KRW (70,000 KRW in Goyang-si) per farm division to the water supply protection area, and payments can be made via credit card or virtual account.

    Further inquiries can be made through the Seoul City website (www.seoul.go.kr), Dasan Call Center (120), or the Seoul Metropolitan Government Urban Farming Division (☎2133-5398, 5388).

    Photos of Together Seoul Eco-friendly Farms

    Photos of Together Seoul Eco-friendly Farms