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  • Seoul to develop the washable “Seoul Eco Mask” that keep KF80 function even after washing.

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    • “PTFE Mask Filter” was discovered, and the performance verification was completed through the mask technology development.
    • With re-using, the “Seoul Eco Mask” shows excellent economic efficiency, waste reduction, humidity-resistant storage, and long-term storage.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 1, 2020 – A mask that maintains KF80 level of function even after washing has been developed. It looks like a common dental mask, but it can be washed. The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Institute of Technology said they developed “PTFE Mask Filter” technology and washable “Seoul Eco Mask.”

    PTFE is a kind of non-toxic synthetic resin known as Gore-Tex and has KF94 performance, and its excellent fine dust filtering performance was confirmed to be KF80 level from laundry durability test conducted by the Seoul Institute of Technology and the Korea Conformity Laboratories to twice washing. Unlike MB filter, which filters out fine dust using static electricity, the “Seoul Eco Mask” with PTFE filter can be reused even after washing as it uses a 1μm pore. In addition, unlike health masks, they are not sensitive to humidity, so they are easy to store and can be reserved for a long time.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Institute of Technology will conduct an online survey to gather opinions from citizens on the “Seoul Eco Mask.” Anyone can participate through the Seoul M-Voting app and its website (https://mvoting.seoul.go.kr) and will run for two weeks from Dec.1 (Tue) to Dec.14 (Mon). Through an online survey, the government will collect opinions from citizens on the willingness to use washable masks and the proper price.

    The President of the Seoul Institute of Technology Koh In-seok said, “We wanted to contribute to improving citizens’ health and protecting the environment with the successful demonstration of the “Seoul Eco Mask.”‘ In addition, he said, “The Seoul Institute of Technology will continue to do its best to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and contribute to the early end of the pandemic by presenting innovative technologies specialized in COVID-19.”

    Han Je-hyun, Deputy Mayor of Safety Management Office, said, “With the current crisis alert in the country at a critical stage, wearing a mask is the easiest and surest vaccine to prevent infectious diseases and spread. Wearing a mask is not an option but a duty for everyone’s safety,” adding, “The new technology will minimize environmental pollution as well as economic burdens for citizens.”