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  • Seoul to create “Seoul Pavilion” at Digital CES 2021 and promote 15 startups

  • Press Releases SMG 204
    • Online “Seoul Pavilion” and 15 companies will join at the first digital CES for this year.
    • Introducing companies starting with webinar from 6th to 8th
    • Showing the outlook for technology trends through from the 11th to the 14th, attracting corporate investment, and conducting talks between the Acting Seoul Mayor Seo Jung Hyup and speakers.
    • Comprehensive analysis of CES 2021 and presentation of results at Review CES Seoul on the 26th.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January 5, 2021 — The Seoul Digital Foundation announced to CES (Consumer Electronic Show) that it will create the “Seoul Pavilion” for the second time since last year and introduce solutions from 15 companies in Seoul. CES is the world’s largest ICT fair, and Seoul City first participated in January 2020, creating a “Seoul Pavilion” in Eureka Park and supporting the participation of 20 companies, resulting in $16.29 million worth of contracts. At the 2021 CES, which will be held entirely digitally due to COVID-19, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to not only create an online exhibition hall but also maximize global participation through its own online business program.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will create the CES 2021 “Seoul Pavilion” with 15 outstanding companies selected in three areas: Smart Transportation and Environment, Smart Safety and Welfare, Smart Economy and Living. Through its own online program, it encourages domestic and foreign stakeholders to participate in the “Seoul Pavilion”.

    In particular, in (1.11-14), the main program of CES 2021 “Seoul Pavilion”, Acting Seoul Mayor Seo Jung Hyup plans to discuss Smart Seoul’s vision and innovative start-up ecosystem with Saeed Amidi, CEO & Founder of Plug and Play, and Gary Shapiro, president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

    It will also provide real-time investment attraction opportunities for 15 participating companies at “Seoul Pavilion” that can pitch to the Plug and Play headquarter and three global branches. Plug and Play is a Silicon Valley-based startup investment and incubation agency that invested in 250 companies in 2019 and has invested an average of $30 million over the past three years.

    In advance, solutions from 15 companies participating in “Seoul Pavilion” can be found on . The “Seoul Pavilion” can be found on CES’s official online exhibition page (digital.ces.tech) and also the city government plans to provide related information at smartseoul.net. is available on Seoul’s official YouTube channel and English- language YouTube channel “Seoul City Official”

    Won-mok Lee, Director-General of Smart City Policy at the city government, said, “Everyone is unfamiliar with the first online CES due to COVID-19, but the Seoul Metropolitan Government will serve as a guide for startups to utilize CES 2021 100%.” He added, “The “Seoul Pavilion” will be an opportunity to promote the vision of Smart Seoul and excellent companies of Seoul to home and abroad.”