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  • Seoul to Control Grade 5 Vehicles of Emission Gas in Green Transport Zones from Dec. 1

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    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, November 7, 2019 — The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it is ready to control vehicles of Grade 5 of emission gas in Green Transport Zones in order to resolve both congestion and fine dust issues in downtown.

    It already went through the administrative procedure including issuing an notice and performing regulatory review. Now it plans to put on a final notice on the “control of vehicles in Green Transport Zones” on November 7 and start the crackdown on December 1.

    • Low Emission Zone: Green Transport Zone (inside the Seoul City Wall)
    • Target: All Vehicles of Emission Gas Grade 5 coming into Green Transport Zone
    • Exception: Types of vehicles indicated in Article (2) to (9) of the ‘Enforcement Decree of the Special Act on the Reduction and Management of Fine Dust’ such as vehicles equipped with DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter), cars of the disabled and emergency vehicles
    • Vehicles subject to Grace Period: A grace period until June 2020 will be given to vehicles which applied for the adoption of DPF by October. Vehicles for which DPF has not been developed or cannot be installed will have a grace period until December 2020.
    • Restriction Time: 06:00 to 21:00
    • Fine & Penalty: 250,000 won per violation per day will be imposed under Article 48 of the ‘Enforcement Decree of Sustainable Transportation Logistics Development Act’

    In the traffic control system, which was built up to manage the entire Green Transport Zone, a series of activities from real-time data collection to mobile notice of violation have been implemented since last July.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is making efforts to encourage Grade 5 vehicles to adopt DPF by securing additional budget for Vehicle Emission Reduction Program and expanding the scope subject to support. Also, it actively promotes the project through mail, media and signs posted on exterior of public transport.

    The vehicle control of the Green Transport Zone was conducted as a pilot project since last July and 2,500 cars of Grade 5 a day were found not to have had low emission equipment on average.