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  • Seoul to conduct “Customized Infection Control Consulting” in 221 nursing facilities for the first in the country

  • Press Releases SMG 228
    • Infection management experts will strengthen infection control of “Customized Online Education and Consulting” for nursing facilities.
    • Expand education targets such as day and night nursing centers and elderly nursing communal living families after the first training is conducted.
    • In the event of a cluster infection in nursing facilities, the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s immediate response team and infectious experts’ “on site visit consultation” will be operated.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, January, 20 , 2021 The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct its first “Interactive Online Consulting” on the 20th to support “Customized Infection Control” for 221 elderly nursing facil ities as cluster infections continue to occur at the facilities recently.

    In early January, the city held an advisory meeting on capacity building with infection control experts to prevent cluster infection in nursing facilities and efficient infection co ntrol, and collected opinions from the facility workers.

    In the case of the nursing facilities, they are vulnerable to infection control due to lack of awareness and professional manpower. In order to prevent COVID 19, there is a need to enhance its capab ilities through education, advice, and support.

    In a preliminary meeting for the workers, the city listened to and discussed necessary matters on site, such as guidelines for response to COVID 19, disinfection effects and side effects, and actively reflec ted them in the consulting and education contents.

    In response, the city will promote “Customized Online Education and Consulting” for the first time in the country for infection control at 221 elderly nursing facilities, and further strengthen its capabi lities with customized education by facilities through interactive communication.

    After the first training and consulting, the government plans to gradually expand education to vulnerable groups such as elderly nursing communal living families, day and ni ght nursing centers, and care workers. Education videos will also be produced and distributed so that workers in the facilities can easily understand.

    To be specific, the city will jointly support the “Seoul Metropolitan Government Immediate Response Team ” and infection control private experts to manage on site quarantine such as identifying the structure of the facilities, separating routes, and relocating contacts.

    Park Yu-mi, General Director of Citizens’ Health at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said “We will provide online education and consulting on infection control for the first time in the country to prevent i nfection in nursing facilities