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  • Seoul to Commence the ‘Era of 25,000 Electric and Hydrogen Cars’ This Year

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    Era of 25,000 Electric and Hydrogen Cars

    Seoul is set to commence the ‘Era of 25,000 Electric and Hydrogen Cars’ by the end of this year. This year, 14,000 vehicles are expected to be distributed with the aim of popularizing eco-friendly cars. The amount distributed this year will be greater than 11,512 accumulated vehicles supplied over the past ten years.

    Seoul aims to distribute a total of 13,600 electric cars. To make the switch from old diesel vehicles, the main cause of air pollution, to electric cars, Seoul will distribute 9,055 electric cars and 445 trucks. In terms of public transportation, 30 electric taxis and about 3.3 times the number of large buses will be supplied additionally as compared to last year. Compared to the 55 hydrogen cars supplied last year, there will be a sharp increase with 307 cars supplied this year.
    To accommodate the convenience of vehicle charging with the increase of eco-friendly cars, the city will distribute 2,000 public electric car chargers and expand to eleven hydrogen car charging stations.

    Seoul will provide subsidies for the promotion of eco-friendly cars by supporting KRW 12.06-13.5 million per electric car and KRW 2-2.3 million per electric motorcycles (subcompact cars) in accordance with vehicle performance and effects of improving atmospheric environment. The fixed amount of KRW 3.5 million (approximately 50% of the vehicle price) will be funded for hydrogen cars.

    In accordance with Seoul’s electric vehicle support policy of 2019, KRW 500,000 will be funded for the scrapping of an old diesel car with a switch to an electric car, and up to KRW 1 million will be funded for the scrapping of an old diesel car with a switch to an electric car for residents in Seoul’s Green Transport Promotion Zone.

    In addition to the subsidies, eco-friendly cars will receive tax reductions, 50% discounts at public parking lots, 100% exemption in congestion charge for Namsan Tunnel, and other benefits for economic efficiency.