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  • Seoul to Begin Trial Service of Zero Pay for Easy Smartphone Payment

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    Seoul will begin the trial service for the new payment option, Zero Pay Seoul, which enables convenient payment through a smartphone without the use of credit cards or cash. The service offers consumers a 40% income deduction, with zero commission for small businesses.

    Zero Pay images
    <Zero Pay QR code> <Member store sticker>
    Zero Pay QR code Member store sticker

    Zero Pay Seoul is a mobile direct payment system that allows consumers to immediately transfer payment from their personal bank account to that of the seller once they simply scan the Zero Pay QR code displayed at the counter on the smartphone app and input the payment amount. Small businesses with less than KRW 800 million in annual sales can benefit from 0% commission rate through payment with Zero Pay, which will be available to the majority of small business owners.

    Twenty-six franchises under direct management of headquarters, including Paris Baguette, Paris Croissant, BHC, Lotteria, Angel-in-us, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, and other shops located in heavily populated areas, like the Gangnam Terminal and Yeongdeungpo Station underground shopping centers, are planned to partake in the trial service.

    While a total of 24 financial institutions, including twenty banks and four easy payment companies, are also set to join Zero Pay Seoul, consumers are required to download a bank app or easy payment app on their smartphones prior to service use. People using the applicable bank apps can transfer payments from personal accounts. The Zero Pay service will also be added to existing apps, while people using easy payment apps must register their personal bank accounts on the apps prior to service use.

    ※ Apps with Zero Pay Seoul payment (As of 12.20.2018)

    Apps with Zero Pay Seoul payment
    Individual bank apps(10) BNK (Kyongnam Bank), Liiv (KB Kookmin Bank), i-ONE Bank (Industrial Bank of Korea), NH App Cash (NH Bank), iM Bank (Daegu Bank), SUM BANK (Busan Bank), Sh Partner Bank (SH Suhyup Bank), Shinhan SOL (Shinhan Bank), Woori Bank One Touch Banking (Woori Bank), K Bank (K Bank)
    Partnered bank apps (1) Bank Pay (Partnered banks: Available at all 19 participatory banks)
    ※ Kyongnam Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, NH Bank, Daegu Bank, Busan Bank, SH Suhyup Bank, Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank, Kwangju Bank, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Korea Development bank, MG Community Credit Cooperatives, Credit Union Federation, Korea Post, Standard Chartered Korea, The Jeonbuk Bank, Hana Bank, Jeju Bank
    Easy payment (4) Money Tree, Naver Pay, PAYCO, Hana Members-Hana Money Go

    Locations with the Zero Pay payment option, income deduction, and other benefits, will kick into high gear starting in 2019. In accordance with a related law revision in 2019, a new income deduction rate of 40% will be applied to actual refund benefits.

    tax rate Zero Pay
    Total income Income tax rate Use amount Refund amount Difference
    Credit card deduction rate Refund amount
    Zero Pay deduction rate Refund amount
    30 million
    15% KRW
    15 million
    15% KRW
    40% KRW 450,000 Approx. KRW
    50 million
    15% KRW
    25 million
    15% KRW
    40% KRW 750,000 Approx. KRW 470,000
    70 million
    24% KRW
    35 million
    15% KRW
    40% KRW 1,680,000 Approx. KRW 1,050,000

    Benefits for public facilities will start with subsidiary facilities of Seoul, including 10-30% discounts for admission to the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and performance tickets to the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. In 2019, related systems will be improved for use of Zero Pay at Seoul Grand Park, Seoul and 25 self-governing district subsidies, publicly-funded policy, the public bike rental program, Ttareungyi, and public parking lots.