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  • Seoul to begin construction of 379 households for youths in March 2020

  • Urban Planning News SMG 2293

    ‘Youth housing in a station influence area’ of a scale of 379 households (90 public rental houses, 289 private rented houses) from five underground floors to twenty-two aboveground floors will be built in the vicinity of Yangjae Station where Subway Line 3 and the Shinbundang Line intersect. The houses will be provided at 30%-95% of the neighborhood’s municipal property rates. Construction for the building will begin in March 2020, residents will be recruited in December 2021, and move-in will begin in March 2023.

    ※ Public rental house: 30% of neighborhood’s municipal property rates / private rented houses: 85-95% of neighborhood’s municipal property rates

    Eighty-eight houses that amount to about one-fourth of all households will be designated housing for ‘newlyweds,’ and convenience facilities like a government-run childcare center (2nd floor) and an indoor children’s playground (3rd floor) will be installed to improve residential conveniences for newlyweds. The government-run childcare center will be open to all residents in the vicinity and not only limited to building residents. The building will also include a two-person shared house (32 households), sports facilities (2nd basement level), a shared kitchen, and a book café to meet the new housing trends of the 2030 Housing for Young Adults. At the very top floor (22nd floor) will be a communal space (sky lounge) for all residents to freely use.

    By expanding the supply of ‘youth housing in a station influence area’ for youths to reside stably in a neighborhood near a subway station with convenient public transportation, Seoul expects to contribute to the housing shortage of youths and newlyweds.