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  • Seoul Think Tank Changes Its Name to ‘Seoul Institute’

  • Integrated News SMG 3253

    The Seoul Development Institute (SDI), the think tank for Seoul City, has changed its name to The Seoul Institute (SI) as of Wednesday August 1, 2012 in order to better carry out its newly defined missions including the presentation of new visions and paradigms for the capital city in the post-growth era.

    As the think tank of a global mega city, the SI will focus on future-oriented urban research with a particular emphasis on welfare, environment, history and culture rather than on traditional research topics such as economic development and growth.

    Under its redefined core value, “The future of Seoul built by its citizens,” the SI will ramp up its communication and collaboration with the citizens of Seoul more than ever in a bid to secure the validity of its various policy researches. The institute will seek their opinions in setting up a new Urban Master Plan of Seoul with the solid conviction that the future direction of the city must be determined by its citizens.

    The Six Major Research Tasks of the SI

    1. Acceleration of ‘future studies’ required to design the Seoul of the post-growth era.
    2. Selection of ‘citizen participatory’ research topics and establishment of open-type research platforms.
    3. Enhancement of expert collaboration networks to realize ‘research innovations.’
    4. Support of urban diplomacy of Seoul through the creation of the Global Cities Research Center.
    5. Establishment of the Strategy Research Center with the aim of reviewing imminent municipal issues and discovering major agenda items of the future.
    6. Supply of major research results through ‘Infographics’