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  • Seoul, the Nation’s First Standardized Indoor Temperature for Buildings Is Made Compulsory

  • Integrated News SMG 1754

    Seoul has set a mandatory standard indoor temperature for buildings for the first time in Korea.

    As part of Seoul’s ‘nuclear reactor reduction policy’’, the city is launching improved systems in a drive to create a more practical, energy-efficient culture.

    To effectively implement the ‘nuclear reactor reduction policy’ and materialize an established, civil, practical culture, the ‘energy ordinance’ amendment, a system designed to improve practical energy efficiency and provide the first nationwide standard for indoor building temperatures (26℃ minimum in summer), was announced in advance.

    Under the new policy, standard ‘energy diagnosis’ targets have seen a sharp expansion from 2,000TOE to 1,000TOE (tonnes of oil equivalent), and the compulsory indication of building temperatures and usage, along with the installation of new renewable energy, is supported. The new policy is part of the city’s preparations against an eventual energy crisis and its plan for electrical self-sufficiency. The policy will endeavor to transform Seoul into a city with a ‘global climate’, while aiming for a high degree of energy independence and enforcing an energy ‘diet’ for those 415 energy-guzzling buildings that use more than 2,000TOE annually.