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  • Seoul Supports “Small Solar Power Generation on Automobiles” Starting in 2020

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    Starting this year, Seoul will be supporting funds to not only plants but also individuals and companies will be able to use photovoltaic devices on automobiles. Particularly, companies that install and operate small-scale photovoltaic facilities in private buildings can benefit from additional incentives considering generation quantity. To encourage companies to establish photovoltaic facilities without the burden of initial cost, the city will newly support the interest following the loan of installation money.

    Starting on January 1, 2020, Seoul will be executing the upgraded version of the “Seoul Photovoltaic Support System” that will facilitate the small solar power generation of companies and expand support for them.

    According to the “Seoul Photovoltaic Support System,” Seoul provides businesses that install and operate the small photovoltaic facilities with a generation quantity of under 100kW with grants (for five years, KRW 100 per 1kWh). The revised system emphasizes the “expansion of voluntary participation by private companies.” The city comprehensively took its trait as a metropolis into account in which it is not easy to find a large land area to establish a power plant and the changes of domestic power generation conditions, including the foundation of new small electricity markets and the electricity trade between power devices on automobiles.

    The chances for participation will be expanded as companies can now receive support until their accumulative generation amount reaches 20MW, twice the quantity that was planned initially.