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  • Seoul Supports Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises to Find Balance Between Work and Everyday Life

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will implement the trial run of the “Seoul-type Smart Work” project that allows Seoul-based small- and medium-sized enterprises to work flexibly without being restricted by time and location. Smart Work is a service that allows for the completion of business without being tied down by time or space through the use of information and communications technologies. It also refers to flexible work, telecommunication, mobile work, and the Smart Work Center.

    Items that will be supported through the Seoul-type Smart Work trial project are △rentals of devices such as laptops and mobile devices, △construction of a cooperative tool based on cloud services, △use of the Smart Work Center such as the shared office and non-residential office, and △introduction and revitalization of Smart Work, consulting, and training (for support in the form of KRW 3 million in total). Businesses may choose up to two items for which they want to receive support.

    This project will support thirty Seoul-based small- and medium-sized enterprises, and the businesses must qualify for at least one of the requirements: △a small- and medium-sized enterprises based in Seoul (headquarters), △a Seoul-type small but strong company needing balance between business and everyday life, △an enterprise participating in consulting and/or training at the Seoul Work-Family Balance Center , and △a certified MainBiz enterprise.

    Businesses that wish to apply can submit the application form and business plan to the Seoul Work-Family Balance Center via email (swfcenter@seoulwomen.or.kr) from July 13 (Mon.) to July 24 (Fri.). Selected businesses will receive Smart Work benefits from August to December.