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  • Seoul Supports Nine Green Technology Businesses to Enter Market of Indonesia

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    Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony

    Seoul will be dispatching a market development group to Indonesia for five days starting on November 11, 2019. Nine excellent small- and medium-sized businesses with green technologies located in Seoul were selected to be part of the group, which aims to invigorate green business and the proliferation of new energy businesses including renewable energies.

    The nine businesses were selected out of 18 companies that were hoping to be dispatched as part of the market development group to Indonesia, after considering their technologies, marketability, and green index.

    The companies will participate in a meeting with local government officials and another meeting with buyers, visit ASEIC Green Business Center in Jakarta, and conduct a university-business counseling session at Pasundan University in Bandung, Indonesia.

    The Green Technology Center is pursuing a variety of support programs for enlarging the market for green technology businesses, including support for overseas activities. More information is available on the official website (https://gtck.re.kr/frt/center/participation/g_center.do).