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  • Seoul Supports Installation of Solar Panels for Various Spaces

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 5723

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will be offering support in the form of subsidies for solar panels to be installed on building surfaces, in parking lots, and on canopies in traditional markets. The SMG will be expanding the existing project called “Small Photovoltaic Plants for Houses and Buildings” which supports owners of houses or buildings. The range of support by the SMG will be expanded from rooftops of buildings to all spaces including walls and the ground, and the range of capacity for support will be widened as well.

    From now on, anyone who installs solar panels in accordance with the standards of the SMG and the Korea Energy Agency on any space of a building or its annex can receive subsidies.

    Additionally, the range of capacity for support was extended so that every part of a building can be used as the construction target for panels. The subsidies to be provided are the same as before. If an owner of a house installs solar panels, he or she can receive a supporting fund of KRW 0.7/kW. If he or she is the owner of a building, he or she can receive KRW 0.8/kW in supporting funds. The supported capacity was changed from over 3 kW to over 1 kW, and there is no maximum limit, so applicants can install as many panels as they wish.


    Category Supported Capacity Supporting Fund
    House 1-3 kW KRW 0.7/kW
    Building Over 3 kW KRW 0.8/kW


    Category Supported Capacity Supporting Fund
    House Detached House 1-3 kW KRW 0.7/kW
    Apartment Over 1 kW
    Building Over 1 kW KRW 0.8/kW

    The SMG expects that this expansion of support will vitalize the establishment of solar panels on abandoned spaces were not supported by the existing project, such as ▴ parking lots or walls of a building, ▴ massive stores such as supermarkets or traditional markets, and ▴ gas stations.