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  • Seoul Supports Installation of Indoor Ventilation Systems at Childcare Centers

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will launch the city’s first project to support national and public childcare centers in Seoul with installation costs for ventilation systems to keep childcare centers safe from COVID-19.

    Air circulators will be installed at childcare centers where infants and children who are vulnerable to infections are crowded to lower levels of indoor contamination and ensure that the facilities are well-ventilated as safe childcare centers that parents can rest assured to send their children.

    Recipients of the support are small and medium-sized, national and public childcare centers that have not been required to install ventilation systems. National and public childcare centers in Seoul that have a gross floor area larger than 430 m2 are currently required to install ventilation systems pursuant to the Building Act. However, childcare centers built before Dec. 31, 2009 and are smaller than 1,000 m2 were not required to install ventilation systems, which make up about 75% of national and public childcare centers.

    Air circulators temporarily store air flowing in from outside and use a heat exchanger to cool or heat the air. This is also effective in conserving cooling and heating energy of buildings.

    The SMG will invest municipal expenditure of KRW 500 million to support the installation of 153 air circulators at national and public childcare centers in 29 districts. The types of air circulators will be selected through deliberation with each childcare center to suit each location and installation capacity.