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  • Seoul Supports Employment of Female Marriage Immigrants

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    Seoul successfully helped 52 people to get jobs for the year of 2015 through the customized employment and entrepreneurship educational program that focused on the strengths and expertise that female marriage immigrants had. This year, Seoul plans to select 8 education programs and support their employment and entrepreneurship.

    “Employment & entrepreneurship support project for female marriage immigrants” is the project aiming to reinforce the stable lives and economic independence of female marriage immigrants in multicultural families who live in Seoul. Since 2010, Seoul has operated the programs and 135 female marriage immigrants completed the programs and 52 among them succeeded in getting their jobs through nine education programs including office professionals, skin and beauty care specialists, and flower & candle aroma shops.

    The education programs include ▴ Mother care specialist training program ▴ Multilingual counselor training course ▴ International medical tour coordinator training course ▴Tourism interpreter and guide training course ▴ Sewing assistant training course ▴BtoC open market entrepreneurship & global seller training course.

    Amon these, medical tour coordinator is one of the key jobs in the health care industry where attracting foreign patients is the most important part. In addition, considering that Korea has insufficient number of experts in this industry, the medical tour coordinator is expected to be a quality occupation where the bilingual female marriage immigrants can utilize their strengths.

    In particular, Seoul plans to support 85 enrollees up by 55 compared to that of 2015 to support for tourism interpreter and guide training program that has rosy employment prospect. The training program educates female marriage immigrants to become tourism interpreters and guides, which are promising fields, by utilizing their strengths. The enrollee targets are female marriage immigrants from China and those from Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Gangnam Women’s Development Center
    Theory courses on becoming international medical coordinators
    Gangbuk Women Resources Development Center
    Skills education for future skin and beauty care specialists
    Gwanak Women Resources Development Center
    Skills education for flower & candle aroma shop
    Korea Tourist Guide Association
    Filed trip to places including Korean ancient palace
    Bukbu Women’s Development Center
    Skills education about mother care specialist
    Jungnang Women Resources Development Center
    Theory courses on becoming office professionals for female marriage immigrants


    The real education for employment and entrepreneurship will be from April to November. If any female marriage immigrants hope to participate in the programs, they should visit the website and apply to the respective institutions within the given period. For further information about the education programs, visit the Seoul Hanultari (Multicultural family support center) website below.

    Seoul Hanultari website