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  • Seoul Supports 5,000 Young Seoulites Struck by COVID-19 with Monthly Rent Support

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    Seoul’s Fair Housing for Young Seoulites! Young Seoulite Rent Support Application period June 16–29, 2020

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is starting its “Young Seoulite Rent Support” project. Single households of young Seoulites who are suffering from high housing costs living in Seoul will be eligible for support through the project for up to ten months (once in a lifetime).

    “Young Seoulite Rent Support” is Seoul’s housing safety net to guarantee the stability of housing opportunity for young Seoulites to start living their single household life as well as assure them of a fair starting point. The project was suggested by young Seoulites last year and is being executed this year based on the “Young Seoulite Autonomous Budget” system.

    This year, a total of 5,000 young applicants will be selected. Eligible applicants are those between 19 and 39 years of age who earn less than 120% of the median income (criteria: health insurance payment). In particular, 1,000 applicants among them will be selected if they have lost their job or their income has decreased by more than 25% due to the COVID-19 crisis.

    Application for “Young Seoulite Rent Support” is available on the Seoul Housing website (http://housing.seoul.go.kr) from Tue, Jun. 16 to Mon, Jun. 29. The earnings and possessions of applicants will be inquired and examined in July and the successful candidates will be announced in August. In September, the selected individuals will receive the supporting funds.

    In consideration of the urgent situation of young Seoulites who are suffering economic difficulties for being jobless or others, applications and supports will be executed in two categories: those struck by COVID-19 (1,000 individuals) and ordinary cases (4,000 individuals).

    Those who are not qualified for the support include homeowners and holders of housing-project members right to residency, those who possess the property of over KRW 100 million, and car owners with vehicles worth over KRW 25 million (market price). Also ineligible are beneficiaries of basic living costs (except for those who receive only education support) and participants of public housing support projects.

    For inquiries about the application, selection and distribution of Young Seoulite Rent Support, click on the “Young Seoulite Rent” menu via the Seoul Housing website. Detailed qualifications and documents required for the application can be checked on the website’s “Announcements” page. You can also use the “Consultation” page on the website or contact the Dasan Call Center (☎ +82-120), the SMG’s Young Seoulite Rent Consultation Center (☎ +82-2-2133-1337, 1338, 1339), or the SMG’s Housing Policy Division (☎ +82-2-2133-7702, 7703, 7704, 7705, 7706).

    The SMG has plans to expand the number of beneficiaries of the project. Starting with 5,000 individuals this year, the SMG will support 20,000 per year in 2021 and 2022, which will make the total number of beneficiaries 45,000 for three years.