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  • Seoul Supplies 6,000 Single, Low-income Elders with Pet Plants

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    The “Seoul Pet Plant Distribution Project,” which combines both urban agriculture and social welfare services, is being spotlighted as an alternative solution for the emerging social issue of the rise in death and depression of low-income elders who live alone.

    Starting in March, the city of Seoul will begin distributing pet plants to 6,000 single, low-income elders ages 65 and older. 4,000 plants will be distributed in Seoul and 2,000 plants will be distributed in the outer city suburb districts.

    The city will distribute pet plants while also offering regular visits from horticultural therapists and district counselors for guidance on plant management. The city will also offer continuous management services via telephone for both consolation and emotional support. Outer city suburb districts will utilize and support network welfare systems like such as the Elder Dolbom Service for projects that provide similar services for the elderly.

    The “Seoul Pet Plant Distribution Project” began in 2017 will be operated as a city project and an outer city suburb promotion project. So far, 4,000 plants, including ivy, rubber trees and spearflowers, have been distributed to the elderly.

    ○ Photos of the 2018 Seoul Pet Plant Distribution Project

    Photos of the 2018 Seoul Pet Plant Distribution Project
    Counselor training PR booth at Seoul marketplace
    Contest Re-visitation service