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  • Seoul Suggests New Standards for Pedestrian Rights

  • Traffic News SMG 30978

    Observe the lines and be a good citizen.
The sidewalk is for pedestrians.
Electronic kickboards, bicycles, and motorcycles
should observe the lines to protect pedestrians.

    Celebrating November 11, Pedestrian’s Day, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it has signed an MOU with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to start a broadscale joint campaign for pedestrian safety and unveil the “Comprehensive Plan for the Improvement of Pedestrian Safety” to secure pedestrian rights for the citizens.

    <① Installation of personal mobility (PM) racks near subway stations to eradicate illegal parking and establish driving order>
    In 2021, racks and other facilities for electronic kickboards will be installed near subway stations. The pilot installation will be applied to 1-5 stations and, if it leads positive effects, the project will be expanded.

    <② Systematic repair of laws and institutions, i.e. “designated lane system,” bicycle registration system, speed limits, etc.>
    The SMG will establish a traffic culture in which personal means of mobility and automobiles can coexist by revising the laws, such as those that appoint the “designated lane system.” Additionally, the city will pursue the bicycle registration system and make the sharing of PM data among autonomous districts mandatory. The SMG will also revise the related laws to have front license plates attached to motorcycles and carry out step-by-step measures to make fine impositions on illegally parked motorcycles feasible.

    <③ Institutional support for the improvement of using PM, such as driving and parking>
    The SMG will present the PM parking guidelines, in which parking areas (12 types) are distinguished from non-parking areas (14 types), and prevent the problem of vehicles abandoned on the sidewalk by taking photos of the state of parking when the vehicle is returned. For the areas in which pedestrian accidents often occur, special guidance and crackdowns will be conducted starting in November 2020. There will be other events and campaigns, such as Learning Safety Rules and PM Course Tour of Downtown Seoul.

    <④ Expansion of the number of diagonal crosswalks at Sejongdaero Sageori, near Jongno-gu Office, in front of Itaewon Station, etc.>
    The number of diagonal crosswalks will be increased to 240 by 2023. The SMG will examine the installation of the diagonal crosswalks first in the areas with vulnerable pedestrians and the high demands for shopping and tourism.

    <⑤ Pursuit of 532 Project, the safe Seoul-type speed>
    The SMG will carry out the “532 Project,” which will settle a strengthened standard for the safe Seoul-type speed. The project to install CCTVs to eradicate illegal parking in the Children Protection Zones will be completed in the first half of the next year. Additionally, the “Road Diet” project that is being conducted in downtown Seoul will be extended throughout the entire city. The SMG will create and operate special streets that suit each area for citizens to enjoy the pedestrian culture in expanded green and relaxation spaces.

    <First local government to conclude an “MOU for Pedestrian Safety” with private sector and police >
    On November 10, the SMG signed an MOU with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to settle the institution and culture for pedestrian safety. As Seoul is the city in which shared transportation is the most vitalized in the nation, mutual cooperation is expected to efficiently lead the settlement of the system and culture.