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  • Seoul Subway

    00:00:00 Hi everyone, this is Lena.
    00:00:04 Today I got an interview, so I’ll take the subway.
    00:00:19 Currently, 330 subway stations have been opened in Seoul, with annual usage of 1.8 billion people.
    00:00:24 You can get a discount when you transfer to and from buses, and the screen doors are installed between the platform and train make Seoul subway safer. (Shy Lena)
    00:00:30 Hi
    00:00:32 What did you take when coming here today?
    00:00:34 I took the subway.
    00:00:36 Did you have any problems on your way?
    00:00:38 Nothing.
    00:00:40 There were not many people, so it was comfortable.
    00:00:43 The advantage of Seoul subway is
    00:00:45 that if I have a transportation card,
    00:00:48 I can transfer from the bus to the subway or from the subway to the bus without additional fares.
    00:00:57 When I tranfer at subway stations in Seoul,
    00:01:01 it’s very convinient because I don’t have to go outside to transfer.
    00:01:09 That’s very convenient and nice.
    00:01:11 And there is subway arrival notification system,
    00:01:16 so I can check when the subway will arrive,
    00:01:19 and I’m so happy to wait in peace! (happy)
    00:01:28 Also, there is a screen door.
    00:01:32 I can just wait for the subway without any worries of accidents.
    00:01:40 Guys, look at this!
    00:01:44 You can see that there is nowhere you can’t get in Seoul using the Seoul subway.
    00:01:52 You can get to your destination very easily.
    00:01:54 Look at this
    00:01:55 We can go to all places in Seoul by subway.
    00:02:00 Is there anything more convinient than the subway?
    00:02:03 I’ll say NO
    00:02:06 And Seoul subway is really clean.
    00:02:10 That’s great.
    00:02:17 I did a good job with the interview today.
    00:02:20 So, see you in next video
    00:02:25 Bye (Subscribe & Like)
    00:02:29 One of the advantages of the Seoul subway is its convenient and reasonable transportation card system. You can easily transfer to and from buses by simply tagging your transportation card, and the fare will be applied automatically.
    00:02:35 What’s more, you can use free Wi-Fi service and check train arrival information in real-time.
    Safety facilities such as screen doors are well-equipped as well. In 2019, Seoul subway is working hard to improve safety and comfortability by expanding the number of CCTV cameras and air quality improvement devices.